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In celebration of our Snap Mom Community reaching 1,000 members, we are proud to bring you this fun giveaway sponsored by It’s a Glam!

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What you win:



Stretch Mark Cream


The Stretch Mark Vanishing Act
As scientists and skin care specialists, we deal with facts every day. And the fact is that most of us have or will get stretch marks. But it’s also true that you can do something about them.

Our Apothederm™ Stretch Mark Cream reinforces the skin’s fundamental support structures and helps to visibly repair existing stretch marks. This fast-absorbing lotion is formulated with our patented SmartPeptide™ technology and helps build collagen while reducing the appearance of red and silver stretch marks, all while smoothing your skin’s texture.

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What you do to win:

1. (If you haven’t already) Join the snap mom community group-click here

2. Invite your friends to join the group- (option is on the right hand side of the snap mom community home page….+people)

3.Ask your invited friends to comment with your name under the GIVEAWAY IMAGE IN THE COMMUNITY (pinned at the top…click here)

*The person with the most name tags by Friday @5pm wins!







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