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Foster Care: Our Journey - The Snap Mom

Foster Care: Our Journey

As I mentioned in my previous blogpost, we are in the process of becoming foster parents and have been working hard to obtain our foster care license.

This week is a big one in our journey! We will be having our health inspection with Florida Baptist Children’s Homes to hopefully get our license. To give you an idea of the specificity of our requirements, these (among other things) were on our to-do list for the inspection;

“1.Hot Water Heater set BETWEEN 100 and 120

2.Have a thermometer in the refrigerator. Setting has to be below 41 degrees”

I’ll be honest, it has been a tedious journey at times and has required a lot of energy. I’ve whined and complained and grumbled at the mounds of paperwork and endless to-dos and even asked myself at times, “Is all this worth it?!” But the answer is ALWAYS a resounding “YES.” Not only are there children in this town who need our help ASAP, but my husband and I also feel very confidently that one day we will be adopting out of the foster care system. So I have to remind myself  “Our child is out there, Krystle. Don’t give up!”

Here is a list of what we have been up to the last few months. Looking back, every single thing has been beneficial and has taught us so much. Well, besides the paperwork… that was just a pain. Haha.


CPR Certification

Residential Pool Safety Training 

Psychotropic Medication Training

Getting physicals

Getting fingerprinted

Purchasing and tagging 2 fire extinguishers (1 per floor)

Taking our home safety to Fort Knox status with additional door, window and cabinet locks

Filling out over 20 different applications/forms

Submitting references and allocating a screened babysitter (Whitney J, of course)

Adding visible pool rules and extra locks on our screen doors

Practical & Effective Parenting Class

And probably some stuff I’m forgetting 😉


Here are some pictures!

CPR in action


Late-night pool training


A sneak-peek at the medication training course


Snap Dad getting a physical with Dr. Deanine


Getting the fire extinguishers tagged


Fort Knox




Our Practical & Effective Parenting Class



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