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Gender Reveal! - The Snap Mom

Gender Reveal!

This weekend we found out the gender of our baby!

Because my bloodtype is O- and my husband is A+, when pregnant I undergo routine blood work to determine my Rh factor (a specific protein found on the surface of red blood cells). Because my husband is Rh-positive, there is a chance my baby will also be Rh-positive. This creates an Rh incompatibility because of my negative status and my baby’s positive status. When this happens, the mother’s body creates antibodies that cross into the placenta and attack the baby’s blood (because it is seen as a foreign body). The result of this is called hemolytic anemia . This is very serious and actually has happened just recently to one of my good friends.

To combat this in my last 3 pregnancies, the recommended treatment was RhoGAM, which injects antibodies to Rh-positive blood into my body. Essentially it tricks my immune system into thinking it has dealt with the foreign Rh-positive blood cells and doesn’t attack the baby’s blood cells. I was so excited when I found out that my midwife  had begun using a specific blood test (that is actually the standard of care in Europe) that at 10 weeks or anytime therafter determines if you do or do not need RhoGAM (where before it was offered to all Rh-negative mothers regardless) .

There is one special bonus to this test… also get an early gender detection!

Friday afternoon I received an exciting text from my birthing center that my results were in! So I immediately went into party planning mode. We wanted to be just as surprised as all of our family, so Whitney J called and found out what we were having and ordered our cupcakes. I was trying to decode everyone of her texts looking for clues. The following morning everyone arrived at our house to find out if we were expecting a boy or a girl. I told them to come wearing pink or blue, indicating their prediction. The cupcakes were  filled with white cream and only one contained the gender color inside, which made it so exciting for everyone to bite into those massive things. Everyone cast their vote (including all the kids) and it was a pretty even score. We were even able to get one of my sisters from England on Skype, which was really special!

(gender reveal video below pictures)

boy_001 boy_004 boy_006 boy_007 boy_008 boy_009 boy_011 boy_015 boy_017 boy_018 boy_020 boy_021 boy_022 boy_025

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