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Gender Surprise: The Birth of Baby Gingerich - The Snap Mom

Gender Surprise: The Birth of Baby Gingerich

This is my cousin, Kimby. She and I had our first babies around the same time, both went WAY past our due dates and bonded over all the time spent encouraging each other to keep waiting for our babies! I’m so happy to have her share the home water birth of her second child with all of you…   – Krystle K

Beginning on Monday, July 15 (my estimated due date [EDD]), I began having light contractions and feeling pressure. I really wanted to try castor oil, as my body felt ready, but my midwife first wanted to check how far dilated I was. Having gone two weeks past my EDD with my first child, I knew that babies come when they are good and ready. Contractions continued every evening until Saturday the 20th, when I began feeling lots of cramps, pressure and more contractions all night. Upon waking Sunday, the contractions were still coming on and we were so excited! By 11am things had slowed way down and my mood was slightly depressed. We went out for spicy food and while eating I kept getting “lightning shocks” in my crotch (which is your body dilating). That evening I had prenatal acupressure done, which by the way, is super uncomfortable but totally works! I woke up the next morning with bloody show and decent contractions. Convinced that this was it, I went about my day and things died down again that afternoon. I was feeling discouraged and gave my feelings to the Lord, crying out to let this birth happen already as my anxiety was overloaded remembering my first birth experience. Tuesday morning came after waking up over a dozen times with intense contractions. I had my husband Aaron stay home from work and take Ivan (our 2-year-old) out for a hot, sweaty walk. Around 10:30am Aaron and I got into a small spat because he thought I wasn’t in labor and he should be at work. At this point the contractions were anywhere from 5-25 minutes apart but definitely strong. I took Ivan in the pool and while contracting I nearly burst into tears… it was crazy. My husband asked if I was going to be able to do this (bless his heart) because we both thought this was very early labor and were preparing for a long day/night. At 2pm I called my midwife to check in, but she was having her own ultrasound done and would have to call me back later. I was very uncomfortable when having a contraction and would get on all fours to rock back and forth while humming in a low tone. Fast forward to 3pm, I realized contractions were sometimes overlapping each other. I kept distracting myself and had my husband do a load of towels, not even thinking about the birth pool. All of a sudden I began feeling shaky and nauseous, so I texted my midwife (she was doing another appointment), who responded with a massive amount of questions. I also alerted my doula and my mom. My midwife arrived at 4pm, checked me, and announced I could push. I was in total and complete shock, I didn’t believe her. Granted I was feeling intense pain but I thought for sure it’d be hours yet. Aaron scrambled to fill up the birth pool but didn’t have enough hot water. I wasn’t feeling the “urge to push” yet so I went ahead and hopped into the cool water. My sister-in-law, Kim (doula and photographer), got there around 4:30 and jumped in to help Aaron boil water for the pool. In between, she snapped pictures and they both applied pressure to my hips. I wanted to push, but the pool wasn’t warm enough for the baby. My mom came at 4:45 and brought a scooter for Ivan. He really wanted to hop in the pool and was very fascinated. I felt very calm and relaxed until I got each contraction and then a surge of panic would go through me. I prayed aloud and buried my face in the edge of the pool. At 5:13 I began to push and the midwife shouted that she needed a birth time because this baby was going to be born! My midwife (who was 8 months pregnant) nearly fell in when helping rotate the shoulders of the baby, as they were stuck. I turned and caught my precious baby! It had only taken four minutes for her to come out; we were in awe! My baby was beautiful and everybody took note of how big she was. I said aloud that I could do that birth again, it was so easy! All of a sudden we realized that we still didn’t know if we’d had a boy or a girl! Aaron checked, as the cord was blocking me from turning the baby, and said “Ummm, it’s a boy?” To which the midwife said to check again and everybody gasped as he said “It’s a girl!” We were all in awe of her beauty, and her brother tried to shush her of course, as she was crying. She weighed in at 8lbs and 14oz! All in all I feel so blessed to have had a healthy, perfect baby and birth! We are so grateful for our little Oakley Rose (Rose is both mine and my mother’s middle name) and couldn’t imagine a day without her!











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