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Getting Off The Potty Train With Whitney J - The Snap Mom

Getting Off The Potty Train With Whitney J

Huh? Getting OFF the potty train? What does that mean, Whitney? Give me a chance to introduce you to a new way of allowing your child to teach themselves to use the potty. I say getting off the potty train because my daughter is completely toilet trained, even through the night, but it was the greatest, most stress-free experience because she taught herself, in her own time and in her own way. Let me explain further…

We tried a few of the conventional ways of potty training with no success, lots of stress, and lots of frustration – for both of us. That’s when I realized that my child was not ready AND I didn’t want to cause unnecessary stress. Hence getting OFF the potty train.

The key: Wait until your child is ready.

Here are the important steps (pay close attention to #3):

  1. Have all of the tools on hand and ready: (this includes: potty, rewards and underwear.)
  2. Explain each item to your child: (what they are for, why, and how to use)
  3. Let.It.Happen.

Seems crazy easy, right? It’s not. But with some patience, you can do it too.

My daughter Mercedes asked one day to wear her panties and so I explained that she may not pee or poo in them. She peed AND pooed that day. Move on.

Next day she asked again. I explained again the do’s and don’ts, and she got it! She peed in the potty all day, accident-free.

So she had pee down, but would ask for a diaper when she had to poo. This is when I got the idea to put the potty in her room! You see, (for her) the anxiety of not knowing if she would succeed or not, prevented her from trying in front of me. However, when she had the freedom and privacy in her room, THAT DID IT! Now, she has the potty in her room at night and gets up, pees, then goes right back to bed! It’s amazing.

A Few Pointers:

  • If your child is having accident after accident, I submit to you, they are not ready. Put the diaper back on and move forward. Wait for them to want it.
  • ALWAYS remain calm about potty learning. Never make your child feel bad for having an accident. It will only set them back. Not to say that you can’t express the do’s and don’ts, but please realize that your child needs to be built up with positivity.
  • Make buying underwear a special outing and event. Let them pick…even if they choose the ugliest ones there!
  • Celebrate the wins and minimize the fails.

So there you have it. Simple and easy steps to get OFF the potty train, from yours truly. 🙂

PS…I would post pictures of successes and failures, but I think you would agree I better not. 😉 Well, maybe just one!

Mercedes potty trained



My sweet Mercedes and her first pee!





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