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Getting The Most Out of Your Breast Pump (Literally)

Getting The Most Out of Your Breast Pump (Literally)

#7 and #11 made ALL the difference in the word for me! 

by Brittany Inman | guest writer for The Snap Mom

Ready for a novel? I’m an exclusive pumper.

I’ll go down the list of my routine, and you can see if any of it might be something you want to try.

Here are my 14 tips for getting the most out of your pump:

  1. One (1) cup of regular coffee every morning. A little bit of caffeine will boost production; too much will decrease it.
  2. Some type of oats every morning (lactation cookies are great afternoon snacks).
  3. Water, water, water: if you think you’re drinking enough, you’re not. Drink more!
  4. Eat. Don’t forget to eat. You are burning calories, and you have to keep your body going.
  5. One (1) cup of Mother’s Milk Tea every night before bed.
  6. I pump 5 times a day for 30 minutes each time: 4 am, 9am, 1pm, 5pm, 10pm. Do NOT miss your early morning pump, anywhere between 3-7am. This is when you will get the most milk.
  7.  Get a hands free bra. This is a life saver. Holding the shields on is not relaxing and in order to maximize output you must be relaxed.
  8.  Relax. You must relax while pumping. Watch a movie on you phone or whatever you choose in order to get your mind off of the pump.
  9.  Massage each breast prior to pumping. This gets things moving.
  10.  Apply slight pressure while pumping to either side of breast. This will help to get more out.
  11.  Make sure your shields are the right size. Too big and there won’t be enough suction. Too small and it will close off the ducts. Your nipple should freely move within the tube part of the shield not touching the sides.
  12.  Get a small spray bottle and spritz your shields before using. This will help with friction, and make it more comfortable.
  13.  Make sure the valves and membranes are in good shape. A failing membrane will cause a loss in suction.
  14. Start on the minimum setting, and turn up to where it’s just shy of hurting. It will be uncomfortable at first, but should never be painful.
 No matter what… store bought formula, homemade formulagoat’s milk, breast milk… you are a fantastic mom, and your baby will love you no matter what! 

Increasing Your Supply:

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