“Are We Going to Have Matching Families???” Gender Announcement!

SNAPPPPPPPPP! I have been holding this information for less than 3 hrs, and here I sit, writing my announcement to you! So here we go…

Today started off very scary. I had been having intense cramping all morning as well as some spotting! I.was.freaking.out. Of course my mind went to the worst place possible. I called my doctor and they wanted to see me right away.  I texted Krystle “I cannot go through another miscarriage.”

Rei and I arrived at my doctor, and long story short they decided to give me an ultrasound to make sure the baby was alright. I am happy to report that the baby is doing great and…














I am in shock! Krystle K and I both have 2 girls each, the same ages, and we are BOTH having boys! WE ARE GOING TO HAVE MATCHING FAMILIES!  I immediately started crying when the ultrasound tech told me, and I legit bear-hugged her on my way out! Rei and I walked out of the room and basically announced to all of the staff and office! It really is a boy and we could not be more excited!

Of course we started face-timing family!

Here are the best reactions!


My daddy bawling his eyes out!


My mom laughing hysterically!


My BIL dancing around the house! ha

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