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Harmony, {LM, CPM}

Harmony Miller, LM, CPM had the privilege of witnessing a home birth while in college studying lighting design. She was changed, and so was her major. She immediately started taking classes toward an RN degree, read everything she could about birth, and attended every childbirth education series in town. Harmony registered for classes at The Florida School of Traditional Midwifery and became a Doula, attending many home and birth center births in Tallahassee and surrounding areas. She apprenticed at the Birth Cottage, a freestanding birth center in Tallahassee, for 4 years, and graduated from midwifery school having attended hundreds of births. She also participated in an externship in Cartegena Colombia South America working in a high risk maternity hospital. Before moving to Sarasota in 2006, Harmony had a homebirth practice assisting women in Monticello, Florida. Harmony is also a certified lactation counselor, certified in neonatal resuscitation, and CPR. ”Birth is my passion. I truly love what I do. I feel honored to be invited to participate in the greatest miracle of childbirth. I enjoy watching families support one another. I love seeing a woman do more than she ever thought possible and be born as a mother.” Harmony and her partner Kip have two sons, Rio and Cairo, both born at home.

Harmony A. Miller LM, CPM
Licensed Midwife
Certified Professional Midwife

Rosemary Birthing Home
Sarasota, Florida

“If we hope to create a non-violent world where respect and kindness replace fear and hatred, we must begin with how we treat each other at
the beginning of life.
For that is where our deepest patterns are set.
From these roots grow fear and alienation         ~ or love and trust.” – Suzanne Arms

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