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Healing Your C-Section Scar - The Snap Mom

Healing Your C-Section Scar

 2 simple tips to help heal your scar quickly!

by Amanda Dodson |staff writer for The Snap Mom

After I had my son via an emergency C-section, I didn’t think much of my scar. Granted, I thought it was ugly, and I was pretty annoyed that the doctor who sewed me up couldn’t put my belly back together evenly (for goodness sake there was a nice dark line to follow)! Anyways, caring for my scar didn’t cross my mind much beyond changing the bandage and not letting any article of clothing near it.

Soon, it began to heal, and then it began to itch!!! I was prepared for itching as it’s part of a normal healing process, but man, it was stronger than I thought. On top of it still being tender and basically numb, a whole inch around it proved to be quite annoying months and months after the pain had gone.

It wasn’t until I got pregnant again 2.5 years later, my scar began to stretch and itch again that I looked into what I could do. Unfortunately, just after I discovered some great tips, I had a miscarriage. However, this gave me time to focus on my scar before getting pregnant again a few months later. My scar felt amazing for the first time ever, even with my belly stretching into a beach ball.

Here are two simple tips to helping your scar heal, and in return help reduce itching and pinging.

1. Massage

I did this massage every night for a little over a month. I recommend that around 4­-6 months, when your scar has had a chance to really heal, you start massaging and separating the layers. I only occasionally do it now that I’ve got all the layers separated again, just to keep things loose.

This is a great video on how to do the massage:

2. Essential Oils

Rub a mixture of lavender EO, Frankincense EO, and coconut (or other carrier oil) into your

scar daily. I recommend doing this as soon as the scar is closed up, about a month after my c-section for me.

Wishing you physical (and maybe emotional) healing ladies!!!!

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Amanda is a SAHM who spends her days surrounded by her two beautiful children and beard-loving husband. Amanda has too many passions and spends any of her free time by creating/designing for her business, in the kitchen, or dreaming up ways her family can be a Florida version of Mountain men. Most importantly, Amanda seeks to bring all she does back to the glory of God.

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