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Heal it: 3 Easy Homeopathic Items for Your Crunchy Medicine Cabinet - The Snap Mom

Heal it: 3 Easy Homeopathic Items for Your Crunchy Medicine Cabinet

This is an article written by our Snap Expert Dr. Deanine Picciano (AP, LMT) Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician who specializes in Women & Children’s Health

Dr. Deanine is my personal homeopathic Dr. and has been my primary healthcare provider for my daughters from birth. She has been a HUGE source of wisdom for me and taught me so much about the body and how to help it heal itself. For anyone new to the natural world, the choices can be overwhelming! Luckily you have The Snap Mom & Dr. Deanine to help you get started! -Krystle K


 DrDHey guys, Dr. Deanine here. As a mom you are called upon daily to fix, mend and remedy all kinds of things. If you want to start moving towards a more natural approach to healing in your life-start with these super safe and easy basics and build your crunchy medicine cabinet!


1. Homeopathic Arnica Cream

Arnica is a yellow mountain daisy that helps to minimize bruising.  Homeopathic Arnica comes in a cream, gel, ointment as well as in the orally administered tablet form, called pellets.  Homeopathy is a special preperation method of a plant that is widely used in Europe. In the homeopathic form, the healing properties are amplified and works like magic.   Start with the cream which I prefer as it wont sting and burn if there is an abrasion and is not as sticky as the ointment.  I love love love this and always keep one at home and another in my purse.  Next time you or your little one gets a bonk or a bruise, even before it shows up (because you know it most likely will)-apply the arnica cream and be amazed.  The oral method is great too and very easy to give to children 1 year and older.  The best potency to get is a 6c or 30c or a 6x or 30x.  You give 3 little pellets every 15 minutes for an hour and then 3 pellets 3 times daily for 3 days.  The pellets are great for after giving birth when it may be difficult to locate a specific place where you feel bruised but know you feel it more internally.
Some of my favorite brands are-Borion, Boerkie and Taffel and Hylands.
To purchase the Arnica Pellets click HERE.
To purchase the Arnica Cream click HERE.
To purchase the Arnica Gel click HERE

2. Lavender Essential Oil

This is so amazing. Lavender is a herbaceous plant that produces a fragrant spike of purple flowers.  Its leaves are slightly furry which gives it its gentle nature. There are several varieties, english, french and even moroccan and they are all beneficial with a unique twist.  As an essential oil, or “blood” of the plant, lavender smells slightly camphoric and uniquely clean and refreshing.  It is calming and soothing and has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. As an oil it is safe for direct application to the skin for burns, splinters, and bug bites.  A few drops applied to your pillow can help with sleep.  Rub on the temples to relax or add to a bath to help unwind the stress of the day.  For burns- wet an ice cube and apply 2 drops of lavender and rub gently over the burn.  Reapply several times.  For hard to remove splinters-apply 3 drops of lavender to a band-aid and cover.  The next day the splinter will be more easily extracted and may even pop right out!

To purchase Lavender Essential Oil click HERE

 3.Rescue remedy

This is a combination of Flower essences that calm, and center the emotions.  Flower essences are made from the water in which flowers that have caught morning sunlight.  Brandy is added to the water to capture the essence of the plants gift.  They are supporters for the emotions and are safe for nursing. Flowers essence therapy was pioneered by English physician Dr. Edward Bach and is safe to use with children and pets.  Rescue Remedy comes in a liquid, tablet form and even a spray.  I prefer the liquid and add it to water or administer 4 drops directly by mouth.  For kids the pastillies are great because they think they are little candies.   Are you impatient?  If so-check out the remedy impatients.  Do you have a bossy child?  Try Vine.  Are you scattered and lose things easily? This is for you!

 *To purchase Rescue Remedy click HERE

For more on natural remedies CLICK HERE

To ask Snap Expert Dr. Deanine a question, head to SNAP EXPERT Forum and post a question!


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