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At Home, Daddy-Delivered, 25 Minute, VBAC Birth Story - The Snap Mom

At Home, Daddy-Delivered, 25 Minute, VBAC Birth Story

I absolutely love birth stories. Every single birth, whether vaginal or c-section, is a true miracle. Sit back and enjoy this speed birth story! 

At Home, Daddy-Delivered, 25 Minute, VBAC Birth Story

 I’ll never forget the doctors telling me that I would not have children. It was impossible.  I was diagnosed with cancer in the last stages at the age of 18. I battled it for five long years. In 2004, I was given seven years worth of chemotherapy in five days, blasting my body in attempts to kill the cancer. I was given a 10% chance of success with a stem cell transplant. I had more cancer than the University of Michigan Stem cell transplant doctor had ever seen. I went through menopause at the young age of 23 because of the treatments.
However, the miracle of a success was granted to me by God. Six months after my transplant I married my teenage love. I was checked by a doctor to see my chances of conceiving and again the answer was no… There is a large portion of my story that will be missing because my purpose here is to share the miracle story of my fourth baby. To explain my life would take a book! I want to give you parts of my whole story so you can understand this story better.  A life of ups and downs, but in the end clearly miracles. I hope this encourages all who read with whatever you are going through. 
It had been three years that I was married. Watching other couples have children around me was hard. I was praying for a miracle. In Tennessee, two elderly ladies prayed for me and I was given the miracle of conceiving, only to later miscarry. I was more than devastated. I had heard God’s voice before; he gave me the words “Faith” and “Joy” during their prayer. Have FAITH I told myself and you will experience JOY! My second miracle came of conceiving again; this time twins! Make that a second and third miracle!
Nine months later I had a c-section at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, giving birth to two boys who were taken from me right away and brought to the NICU for a long process of 42 days before they both were discharged. The doctors would not even let me see them at first because I had shingles and they couldn’t diagnose what I had right away. So eight days later I finally got to see my babies!  A c-section and preemies were not in my birthing plan! (In Florida you cannot have twins at a birthing center.)
We moved to Pennsylvania and 3 1/2 years later I got pregnant again. Miracle number four! This time around I was determined to have a home birth. I did not want to go to the hospital. I knew the likelihood of a repeat c-section was high. I had my husband’s full support. He wanted me to have our girl at home. I found a midwife in Lancaster County, PA, who had delivered over 6,000 babies and was willing to deliver breach if need be. As soon as I met her I knew she was the one! My baby girl was born safely in our living room in front of my wood stove. I did not realize how much anxiety I had from the horrible birth of my twins, until she was born. I didn’t even want to hold her for fear she wasn’t breathing. She was perfect in every way. Healthy. And I did it; my first VBAC!
We moved out of state again. I was happy with my 3 1/2 year gap between my twin boys and my little girl. But miracle number five was on the way! I had no cycle, nursing, and what? Im pregnant?! Three young children, plus my daughter was not even one yet. I will have four kids four and under! How am I going to do this?!  What a surprise.
I got very sick. Stayed sick my entire pregnancy. I also had a track record of early labor. The twins at 32 weeks and Jade was 37 weeks to the day. I was having timbale contractions early on. I was taking false unicorn tincture to help stop contractions. I opted to take it as easy as possible knowing that I did not want a premature baby. Our beautiful home birth was our plan again. 
At 39 weeks my water broke at 4:30pm on December 13, 2013. I was expecting to go into labor within an hour like I did before. But nothing… I walked around, stayed active, nothing happened. I was very exhausted, so I finally laid down and went to sleep. The next day nothing happened. Could it be I misjudged my water breaking? I spoke with my midwife and she reassured me that three wet pairs of pants with no smell was proof enough. She lived only a few miles from me and was ready when I was. She suggested going to the store with my husband to shop, because I hadn’t gone shopping in a long time. Maybe it would get my mind off of things and encourage labor. The clock was ticking. Over 24 hours had passed…. I knew hospital protocol would be for me not to go this long with my water broken. They would be doing vaginal checks and fetal monitoring, and administering antibiotics for possible infection. Because I had a c-section before, they would not administer pitocin.
My midwife checked the baby’s heart rate several times and everything looked good. I had no vaginal check by my midwife because it can put you at a higher risk for infection if your water is broken. My sister talked to me on the phone and asked me if I was worried and I said no. I was at peace about not going to the hospital yet. I did not feel in danger, but there was a lot of anticipation for the labor to start!
My midwife also discussed the option of doing caster oil. I had read a lot and talked to people who had good and bad experiences. It can cause diarrhea, cramping and may or may not work. I didn’t feel right about doing it at this point. I had a sense that it would not be good for me personally to do.
Two nights and 38 hours had passed. The walk in the store didn’t seem to do a thing. Before, I could walk to my mailbox and have contractions! I laid on my bed and told my husband he really needed to pray for me! I told him I just did not feel right about doing the castor oil and I was running out of time. I knew the hospital would be a higher risk at this point with no labor and how long it had been since my water broke. A c-section would not be ruled out! My husband prayed.  While he was praying it came to mind, ginger tea. My friend had told me how she used fresh grated ginger, a hot bath, and nipple stimulation to go into labor. She would go over her due date and resort to doing that and it worked every time for her. 
I could not take a bath because my water had broke (risk for infection), so I took a hot shower and my husband made me a stout cup of hot ginger tea. I drank the tea and then went on my hands and knees in a prayer position with my butt up. My husband did the nipple stimulation. Within ten minutes I heard a POP POP noise. What in the world!? My husband heard it too. Right away I grabbed my phone and called the midwife. 
I told her about the POP noise. My husband talked with her and while he did I had a hard contraction. A minute later I had another hard contraction. I had just a few contractions and then they were only 30 seconds apart! My husband got off the phone with the midwife and said she was on her way soon. I had a pink sheet of paper hanging in our bedroom and told my husband to read it. It was a sheet telling my husband what to do if the baby came before the midwife arrived. He read it but thought I was overreacting. It had only been five minutes.There was no way he would have to help with the delivery. The midwife was only a few miles away. I told him “This baby is coming; I can feel it! It’s coming soon!”  In my husband’s mind, he was thinking it would be another few hours of her laboring down. He went to the kitchen to boil some water and I went into the bathroom. I had a sensation of the baby dropping. Oh no, it was starting to crown! I yelled my head off for my husband to come here. He was taking his time, he wasn’t getting the message that this baby really was coming! I could feel the head at this point. “The head is coming!” It still did not sink in. He didn’t even check me. He encouraged me to go to the bedroom and lay down and calm down. I did not want to. I wanted to stand up! “Call the midwife now!” I screamed. He tried reassuring me she’d be here soon. I said “No, call her now!” She was going to pick up the Amish midwife assistant on the way. I knew those few minutes would possibly make her miss the birth. He called the midwife and told her in a calm voice that I was insisting that he call her. I started to scream “The head is here!” I could feel it crown even more. I put my legs together a bit standing up because my husband was not in a position to catch the baby, nor did he realize the baby was even really crowning. The midwife told my husband to put it on speaker phone. I yelled “It’s coming, the baby is here!” She encouraged my husband to bend down and look to see if the head was crowning. He listened to her and looked. “I see the head” he said shocked and then his adrenaline kicked in. Then I had the urge to push. “The head is out!” he yelled. He dropped the phone on the bathroom floor and placed his hands under the head and the baby came out! He caught our baby just in time! “It’s a boy” he said. I asked if he was breathing. He did not cry very loud at all. The baby was fine. My husband grabbed a towel and wrapped our son in it. The cord was still attached and I had not delivered the placenta yet. I looked at my husband and said “I told you the baby was coming!” We were both overjoyed. He was so healthy and looked strong. The midwife was there within minutes. She just barely missed the birth. It all happened 39 hours after my water broke and then 25 minutes from the first contraction! I ended up going to my bedroom to deliver the placenta. We waited to cut the cord. 
The midwife asked what his name was. “Kevin Charles,” my husband said. I wasn’t sure of the name, but within minutes we were in agreement. Kevin meaning Handsome and Charles meaning Manly. I anointed baby Kevin’s head with frankincense and his cord with myrrh. My little miracle boy! 7lbs 12 ounces, 21 1/2 inches long, born at 9:45pm December 14, 2013. 
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  2. Beautiful story! Congratulations!!! I gotta ask about the midwife from Lancaster. I leave in York and I really want VBAC this time around. Could you send me some info? Thank you so much and enjoy your bundle of JOY!