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Check Out This Awesome Homeopathic Cough & Cold Syrup! - The Snap Mom

Check Out This Awesome Homeopathic Cough & Cold Syrup!


Created by a pharmacist and professional homeopath, Kids Relief is safe and effective.

Our family has been passing around colds for months and it’s getting OLD! The kids are at the point where they aren’t really sick anymore, they just cannot seem to shake the lingering coughs.

I was really excited to try Kids Relief Cough & Cold Syrup. Homeopathic products support the immune system, as opposed to suppressing it like many over the counter medicines do. When the body is properly supported, it can heal faster and the immune system becomes stronger because of it.

Kids Relief products are also sugar and dye free! Many people are unaware of the dangers of chemicals and additives in many cough medicines – so dangerous that the FDA has stated children under 2 should not even receive them due to increased health risks.
Having a brand you can trust is very relieving, and the great news is they have products for a host of common childhood issues!

Products include:
allergy Allergy
Oral Liquid
calm syrup With Calming
Effect – Syrup
colic Oral Liquid Gas & Colic
Oral Liquid
cough and cold Cough & Cold

cough and cold Cough & Cold

earache solution Ear Relief
Oral Liquid
Flu Relief Flu
Oral Liquid 
Flu Relief Pain & Fever
Oral Liquid 
teething solution Teething
Oral Liquid

Here’s my 3-year-old (covered in almond milk pudding)  with her new favorite meds 😉


To learn more about Kid’s Relief please visit:


handprint Safe
handprint No harmful side effects
handprint Dye free, sugar free
handprint No risk of overdose or drug interaction
handprint Fast acting, effective relief
handprint Great tasting


Active Ingredients HPUS: Purpose
Drosera 1C (Sundew) dry cough
Arnica montana 3C (Leopard’s bane) aches and pains, chest congestion
Bryonia 3C (White bryony) painful cough
Ipecacuanha 3C (Ipecac) night cough
Cetraria islandica 1C (Iceland moss) cough with expectoration
Belladonna 3C (Deadly nightshade) cold and fever
Coccus cacti 3C (Cochineal) cough with expectoration
Corallium rubrum 3C (Red coral) painful cough
Stannum metallicum 3C (Tin) cough, chills and lessens mucus
The letters ‘HPUS’ indicate that the components in this product are officially monographed in the Homœopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States.
More Info:
Homeopathic Children's Remedies consisting of Homeopathic Children Medicines

Kids Relief® has been trusted by mothers across Canada since 1993 and can now be found in a growing number of stores throughout the United States. Because Kids Relief® products are 100% natural, they provide relief without the worry of harmful side effects. Homeopathic medicines are considered among the safest medicinal option in the world. There is no risk of overdose or potential negative interaction with other medicines. With Kids Relief® your child will receive fast-acting, effective relief without the addition of alcohol, dyes and sugars. Also, you will have no problems getting your kids to take these easy-to-administer, great-tasting formulas.

It’s that time of year again! Whether it’s a cough, a fever, or a case of the sniffles, chances are, your child (or at least a classmate) will come down with something this winter! When it comes to fighting off germs during cold and flu season, kids deserve the best, especially when it comes to what goes into their bodies. It’s natural for parents to reach for medication that will provide the most effective relief; however, what many don’t realize is that natural remedies can be just as powerful as over-the-counter or drug-laden ones.

Homeopathic children’s brand Kids Relief has developed kid-friendly, totally safe products that provide relief for your child’s most frustrating discomforts during cold and flu season. With great options including the Cough & Cold Syrup, available in both a daytime and nighttime formula, as well as the Flu Oral Liquid and the Pain & Fever Oral Liquid, you can trust that your little ones will get great-tasting, fast-acting relief without the use of dyes, sugars, or chemicals. Due to the brand’s use of homeopathic formulas, all Kids Relief products are also free of any side effects or drug interactions, so you can rest easy this winter knowing you’re providing a safe path toward relief for your family.