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How I Almost Missed My Own Baby Shower by Krystle K

How I Almost Missed My Own Baby Shower by Krystle K

This will later become one of those moments I can look back and laugh about, but today it’s still too fresh.

Yesterday I almost missed my own baby shower.

The irony is that I was ahead of schedule and needed to kill time, but I ended up being an hour late. For someone like myself who is a chronic people-pleaser, having a whole room of people waiting on me is something my nightmares are made of.

How did I end up in this predicament you may ask? Good question. I was asking myself this exact same question, as I tried to simultaneously obey the law and get there as fast as possible, all-the-while bawling me eyes out. It started when I got the bright idea to kill time by getting a pedicure. “Hey blue toes! That’s cute for the shower,” I thought….I hardly get them and obviously underestimated how long it would take. The nail tech didn’t understand me, and it was like a scene from a movie! I kept mentioning that I needed to be somewhere, and she kept going. “No I don’t need a second leg scrub thank you. No need for that hot towel rub. Seriously, I don’t need 2 coats. PLEASE, forget the clear coat!” All of these requests went unheard, and I had visions of me getting up and leaving with my feet half done.

By the time I was in the parking lot, I was jogging. When you are as pregnant as I am, it ain’t pretty. Once I was in the car, I realized I was going to be REALLY late, and I started to panic. My shower was at 11a.m. I had been told to arrive around 11:30. I got in my car at 11:25 and had a 25 minute drive to get to the destination. I was calm for about 5 minutes, and then the tears started to flow and I couldn’t stop them.

I had been SOOOOOOOO looking forward to this day, and now I’m going to miss most of it. What was I thinking? STUPID blue toes, I hate you.


I called my husband crying my eyes out, and he assured me everyone wasn’t mad at me, and that everything was ok. I contacted Whitney to explain what had happened, and she misread my text. I said that I had tried to tell the woman 5x that I needed to go, but she was setting up and didn’t read it all and somehow read that I had to go to the bathroom 5x. Because people were wondering where I was, Whitney told them I was having “tummy troubles.”

So on top of being late, everyone thought I had diarrhea (ok even I just laughed, I guess it’s not too fresh). My shower was from 11 a.m.-1 p.m., and I arrived around 12 p.m. I was an apologetic, hot, pregnant mess, but I made it.

My family and my closest friends were all there, and I really did feel showered in their love. We ate, opened their awesome gifts, and I had my belly painted with henna. It was perfect and just how I had imagined it. It was also a great reminder for me that we are loved and accepted even when we mess up.

More pictures to come!

How-I-Almost-Missed-My-Own-Baby-Shower2 How-I-Almost-Missed-My-Own-Baby-Shower

Images © Alisia Thompson Photography

Henna by Face Painting & Body Artistry by Erin


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