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How One Snap Mom Helped Her Husband Lose 170 Pounds! - The Snap Mom

How One Snap Mom Helped Her Husband Lose 170 Pounds!

I got to meet the Adams family recently when I hired out their pet bunnies for one of my photo shoots at Krystle Kay Photography. We spent the day together and I got to hear their inspirational story and KNEW our Snap Moms would love to hear all about it. This is a special article because Kate & Kenny Adams are both sharing with us today! -Krystle K

How much weight did your husband lose?
Kate: At his heaviest, he weighed about 425, so he’s lost about 170 pounds.


What was the “light bulb moment” or motivating factor?
Kenny: My motivating factor was to get into fire school and to be prepared for the physical demands. It was also that I didn’t want to be a big fat slob for my new wife. I just looked in the mirror one day and wondered how if I didn’t want to look at myself naked, how would she? If I didn’t like myself, how could I expect anyone else too? It had to change.
Kate: The night before our wedding, Kenny sat me down and explained that he was thinking of making a career change. He felt that he was wasting a God given gift of physical strength and athletic ability and that he was being called to save lives in a different sort of way. I was in shock for a bit, we had been preparing for years for a future in ministry. My Dad was a Firefighter, so I had some understanding of the challenges Kenny was about to face. He had to make major changes to take that path and he had to make them right then in order to be successful.

How did he lose the weight & Kate, what was your role in that?
Kate: Sugar went first, then processed foods. We went to the farmer’s markets near us and bought all sorts of fruits and vegetables. We did eat better things more than regulating how much we ate. Then he started running. We didn’t have a lot of money, but we had a park and sneakers. It helped to have snacks prepared all the time so the healthiest choice was also the easiest. I didn’t bring in foods that would tempt him – if it wasn’t helpful, it wasn’t in our house, period.

What was the biggest hurdle for him?
Kate: Stress eating and staying motivated to exercise. Food had always been comfort, especially sweets late at night.There was a thing that had to be dealt with there, that choosing fruit instead of ice cream or water instead of soda wasn’t deprivation. Constantly reminding him that exercise will always give more than it takes, he has the time, it is worth it. Thinking about it is worse than doing it.

What advice do you have for women who are worried about their husbands health but don’t know how to help?
Kate: Model the lifestyle you want and make it as easy on them as possible. Find things to do together that are healthy; make a date out of a bike ride or of preparing a fresh meal together.Notice and appreciate even the smallest steps in the right direction. [pullquote_right]Notice and appreciate even the smallest steps in the right direction.[/pullquote_right]


Can you share with us what this has been like for you Kenny?
Kenny:It’s been rewarding. One of the hardest things for me is to see the changes that Kate sees, I still think of myself as being really overweight, not as looking like an athlete. I never regret having made the changes to my lifestyle though, I only wish I had started sooner. I’m determined to make sure my kids have a healthy foundation in nutrition and fitness so that they never have to struggle with this like I did.

As a man, was it hard to allow Kate into your weight lose journey?
Kenny: No, it made things easier. She brought in healthy foods, cooked for me and encouraged me. She was my support and source of knowledge in making healthier choices.

What has your successful transformation allowed you to do that you could not do before?

Kenny: So many things! A whole new world of opportunities was available to me.I became a firefighter. A triathlete. An ultramarthoner. A person who buys clothes in normal stores. And who can find their weight on a bathroom scale (I maxed them out for awhile). It’s also made it so that I can be a role model to my kids that I want to be and hopefully it will mean that I get a few more years to spend with them too.


What advice do you have for the guys out there who don’t know where to begin?

Kenny: Start small, have goals, cut out the processed foods already.[pullquote_right]Start small, have goals, cut out the processed foods already.[/pullquote_right] It’s impossible to cut everything at once, but if you decide to make an improvement stick with it. It’s worth it. You don’t have to go to the gym. Go outside. If you can’t run, walk until you can, just get moving; choose a positive direction for your life. Don’t be intimidated by what other people think when you first start exercising. Find people who will support and encourage you.



We couldn’t be happier for Kenny and all of the hard work he has put into becoming the man he always dreamed of being and we are so in-awe of Kate for being such a gentle yet strong role model for her whole family.

Best of luck to you guys! 

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