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How to Alkalize Your Body

How to Alkalize Your Body

Brought to you by Kelly Reagan, owner of Sanagia Gardens, blogger at Quest for Samadhi and author of our Breech Birth story.



Imbalance is the primary reason our bodily systems are not functioning as they should these days. Due to the industrialization of our food system, we have reached a point where healthy, unprocessed foods are less available and often seem more costly to acquire.

Biochemical reactions are governed largely by temperature and pH; this means there are ideal conditions for your metabolism and digestive system and all their parts to work most effectively. Our blood’s optimum pH is slightly alkaline. Within the Standard American Diet (SAD) many foods are not only very acid forming, but they are also difficult to process and lacking in key nutrients. This creates an ideal environment for unfavorable bacteria and an inhospitable environment for many beneficial bacteria, while at the same time compromising your body’s ability to take care of itself as key nutrients are either missing or not absorbed.

Every body and everybody is different and nothing is set in stone. We must know our bodies and pay attention to what they tell us. Often symptoms are just the body’s way of expressing imbalance if they are not related to a preexisting illness. Thus you might experience: migraines, back aches, lethargy, weight problems, depression, trouble sleeping, aches and pains unrelated to physical injury, acne, allergies and sensitivities, lack of concentration and many others if your body is not functioning optimally.  Too frequently our modern approach to medicine is symptom-based diagnosis; that is only treating the symptom before fully understanding the cause behind it.

Eating foods that promote the body’s ability to balance itself will increase your health and help to prevent and fight illness.

Here is a helpful chart:


It is actually simple.

Foods that fall into the alkaline range tend to be healthier. I have researched many different ‘diets’ and have found that most of them are not effective because they are only a temporary change in habits and not a permanent lifestyle adjustment. What works is creating an eating plan that suits you and your family full of wholesome food and low in processed/boxed foods. In order to create an effective plan, I find that assessing where you are and your goals is very important. Is this about your health? Is it about fitting into that little black dress? Is it about not being ill? Once you have a clear picture of what you want, you can create goals that are realistic and obtainable.


The main things I have done to alkalize my diet are as follows:

  • In the beginning read ALL labels on your food. Also avoid ready-to-go food and food from boxes where you just add water. The idea is to cut back on foods loaded with stabilizers, additives, flavorings, dyes and preservatives.
  • Remove soda products and products containing processed sugars.
  • Find a local source of fresh fruit and vegetables. Make that an increasing part of your new diet.
  • Replace snack foods with healthy alternatives; kale chips vs potato chips.
  • Remove wheat flour and gluten from your diet or use sparingly.
  • Drink copious amounts of water; just water or even better make your own vitamin water.
  • Incorporate juicing into your diet; find more info here.
  • Stay active! Walk, ride a bike, join a gym and anything that gets your blood flowing.
  • Educate yourself: don’t be afraid to do your own research and make your own conclusions. It’s your body and your family.

Take things slow and don’t overwhelm yourself. I find that having a buddy or buddies join you in any lifestyle change is an effective way to stay motivated and make sure that the little changes stick over time.

The alkaline diet has always made sense to me. There are many differing views in the health/natural/medical community regarding this diet. Quite simply I see that alkaline foods tend to be healthier so it is obvious by eating low calorie, nutrient dense, fiber rich foods you would naturally be healthier for making better choices.

Why not start a better you campaign today???

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Resources: – Please keep in mind that some foods having an acidic pH actually have an alkalizing effect on the body like citrus. – Measurement of pH in the Biochemistry and Food Industries.

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