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How To Dehydrate Fresh Herbs - The Snap Mom

How To Dehydrate Fresh Herbs

I am really into drying herbs right now! I buy them in bulk in the clearance section at my local market and then preserve them myself! I also LOVE how much more flavorful my fresh dried herbs are compared to store bought dried herbs. If you have a dehydrator, it is really quite simple and almost effortless. So here we go! 

How To Dehydrate Fresh Herbs

  1. Rinse fresh herbs in cool water
  2. Place on dehydrator trays
  3. Dry for 1 hr or until fully dry
  4. Place into airtight container as intact as possible


To release the full flavor, crush whole herb leaves or use a mortar and pestle to grind, just before adding to the recipe. When using dried herbs, add to soups and stews during the last half-hour of cooking or follow recipe directions. Be creative and add dried herbs to flavor your favorite foods.

Products I used:



Presto Dehydrator 












Mortar and Pestle

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    How To Dehydrate Fresh Herbs | The Snap Mom