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How To Post A Question In The Snap Mom Community

How To Post a Question in The Snap Mom Community

Everyone wants an answer to their question. Here at The Snap Mom, we strive to get you answers and quickly. Here are some great tips for posting.

by Amanda Dodson | staff writer for The Snap Mom

1. Subject 

Short and to the Point. i.e.: Rash! Relationship advice, Nursing Problems…

2. Back Story

Keep it brief. Give just enough info for reader to know situation: age of child, location, EBF or FF.

3. Question

In one or two sentences, state your question.

4. Picture

If a picture is relevant, then post a picture with your post. Please keep in mind any sensitive images should be posted in the comments. In that case add **pic in comments** to the bottom

5. Preface

Not every post needs a preface. If your question is a sensitive topic, a preface at the very top of your post is always appreciated. TMI, Trigger Warning, or Not for Debate are great prefaces for certain topics

6. Bump (Bring Up My Post)

Don’t be afraid to bump your post! If you post at a time when no one who can answer is online, your question can get buried on the board. Each comment bumps it to the top, so comment “bump,” *, or ^, in the comments to get it noticed. Others may help you by doing this too.

7. Search

Use the search bar! Enter key words and see if there are previous posts on your topic. Also, if you lose your post, you can search your name to help find it.

Some side notes:

This community was created to bring us together {link:} , and help each other out despite our differences. Please be sensitive and loving to your fellow sisters!

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Amanda is a SAHM who spends her days surrounded by her two beautiful children and beard-loving husband. Amanda has too many passions and spends any of her free time by creating/designing for her business, in the kitchen, or dreaming up ways her family can be a Florida version of Mountain men. Most importantly, Amanda seeks to bring all she does back to the glory of God.