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How to Whiten Your Teeth With Your Phone - The Snap Mom

How to Whiten Your Teeth With Your Phone

Yes. You read that right. I am about to blow your mind!

Recently, Krystle K and I went on a tour of a spa, and one of the stops was with a teeth whitening specialist. She explained the process of this system called GoSmile. It is a hydrogen peroxide gel application followed by an LED light exposure. And boom…because Krystle K and I are DIY GENIUSES, our first thought was…hmmmm we could save $195.00 and change the world in one fell swoop! HAHA!

How to Whiten Your Teeth With Your Phone

by Whitney J | The Snap Mom

What You’ll Need


  1. 1 Tablespoon of  Hydrogen Peroxide  in a small bowl and add Vegetable Glycerin  drops until a gel forms. (I added 3 drops)
  2. Apply to teeth with a q-tip
  3. Turn phone LED flash on
  4. Hold to teeth for 5 min

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