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I’m One Of Those Moms That’s Breastfeeding Her Kid Through Puberty - The Snap Mom

I’m One Of Those Moms That’s Breastfeeding Her Kid Through Puberty

**warning: this is a bit crazy**

I am actually left speechless after reading this article, which never happens to me. So I guess all I can think of to say is, what do YOU think of this?

**I want to add, this is not real…I thought that was pretty obvious. Real or not, I am still speechless**

by Nicole Mullen | Article Source

To those of you that breastfeed, this situation might seem a bit familiar to you.

It was about a month ago. I was standing in line at the movie theater, waiting to purchase two tickets to the new X-Men movie. My son, Mason, was standing in front of me. My shirt was off and he was drinking milk from my boobs while we waited in line.

“Ma’am, you need to stop that right now,” shouted the ticket clerk from behind his bullet proof glass.

Now, only a few people had noticed us prior to this, but now that he had drawn attention to us, everyone was looking at us.

“What’s wrong? Never see a woman’s boobs before?” I yelled, waving my free breast at the gawkers. I could feel Mason get uncomfortable as he pulled in closer to my body and his teeth scraped on my boob.

“No, honey. Don’t be scared,” I told him, squeezing his ears between my boobs so he couldn’t hear them.

“I am a mother and I have every right to feed my child in public. If you have a problem with that, you can avert your eyes, but my son is feeding and will continue to feed until we are both satisfied.”

I stood up for myself, and I felt good, but this story doesn’t end like one of those feel good stories you hear on the local news. None of the patrons came to my defense, and they actually cheered as security escorted me and my son out of the theater.

This is just another day for me. This is what it’s like to be a mother that breastfeeds. This is what it’s like to live in world that hates women’s bodies.

But, this isn’t about me. It’s about my son. His name is Mason. He’s twelve years old, and now that he stands at eye level with me, he has to bend over a bit when I breastfeed him in public. Sure, it’s a little jarring when people see what appears to be a grown man sucking on a woman’s breasts, but it’s natural and their discomfort is not my problem.

I’ve even been encouraging my son to not shave because it feels even better when I feed him in public and I can feel his beard coming in. Which, oddly enough, makes even more people feel entitled to come up to me and tell me that what I am doing is wrong. It’s ironic that the more natural I make the breastfeeding, the more likely people are to call the police and report me for indecency.

But, you know what? I press on. Because at the end of the day, it’s my body, and it’s my choice, and I don’t care what the state or the manager of Kohl’s or even what Mason has to say about it – I’m going to keep breastfeeding my son in public because I’m a mom and moms have rights too.

I’m going to keep breast feeding my son until my body decides that it’s time to stop, and I get the feeling that my body isn’t producing milk because Mason needs it, it’s producing milk because my body knows that we live in a problematic society that discourages women from letting their children suck on their boobs in public. That and I have a hormonal imbalance.