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Internet Safety & Etiquette

Internet Safety & Etiquette

Please take these Internet Safety Guidelines into consideration in order to protect yourself and your children. 

by Amanda Black | staff editor for The Snap Mom 

The Snap Mom Community Safety Guidelines

  • Do not post pictures of your child’s private areas without something blocking his/her genitals. If you need to post a picture and do not know how to edit it- please PM an admin for assistance.
  • We do not vouch for or know every member in the group. While we work hard to keep the group women only and monitor for spam accounts, please help us by reporting any spam accounts. Keep in mind that some women do share accounts with their husbands.
  • Please be discretionary about the amount or type of pictures you post of yourself or your children. They are available to an wide range of people for an unknown amount of time.
  • All gofundme or similar type posts must be approved by Krystle K or Whitney J. Please use your own discretion if you decide to offer any type of physical assistance to anyone on any thread. We love that The Snap Mom Community reaches out and helps one another, but at the same time, please research the situation on your own and act according to your own conscience.
  • Please keep your address, phone number, and other personal information out of public forums.
  • If you decide to meet someone from online in person, please let others know where you will be, what time to expect you back, and meet in a public place.


  • Please attach a trigger warning to the beginning of any posts that may potentially upset others (this may include abuse, abortion, miscarriage, infant loss, etc)
  • Post any potentially upsetting photos in the comments so it does not appear huge on others’ news feeds. Ex: rashes, bites, infections, etc.
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