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Jewelry Made Out of Breastmilk? Creepy or Awesome?

Jewelry Made Out of Breast Milk? Creepy or Awesome?

I personally think jewelry made out of breast milk is pretty cool! Haha! Why not? What do you think?

The next time you pass a woman wearing a pendant that looks like a pearl or a ring that looks like a large moonstone, you might want to check again. It could be made from breast milk.

A mom in Rhode Island has discovered a way to turn breast milk into beads. And lockets. And pendants. Since starting her company just last year, artist Allicia Mogavero’s Mommy MilkCreations has become so popular, her jewelry has up to a year-long wait. Sound disgusting? Most don’t think so.

Mogavero started Mommy Milk after discovering a way to harden breast milk by encasing it and covering it with resin. She promises that each piece is unique and authentic.

breast milk jewelry

Ask any mom who breastfed for any period of time and she will tell you her tale of weaning woe. The end of lactation is a bittersweet time where we say goodbye to that physical relationship with our babies and goodbye to being the only ones who sustain their needs. But what if we could memorialize it?

This gives us that opportunity.

For moms who want it, the process is simple. You order your piece, pack up your breast milk — she needs about two tablespoons — double bag it, put it in a padded mailer, and send it off. Sadly, because of the wait, it will take a long time to be made, but that’s it. Easy peasy.

I am sure for many people — even some who have lactated themselves — this is horrifying. But to me it is beautiful, and I am only sad that I didn’t hear of this when I was nursing my first two babies. Every mother’s milk is tailor-made for her infant, so the milk I am making today is not the same milk I made for my other two. So heartbreaking!

This keepsake jewelry seems like the perfect, discreet way to keep that special bond. And what an amazing gift to give your child someday, too.

No one would ever have to know that these beautiful pieces are actually breast milk, either.

I don’t care if other people are grossed out. This is one of the most innovative, beautiful things I have seen in years, and I think most moms would agree. There is nothing disgusting about feeding our babies. Sign me up!

Would you order jewelry made from your breast milk?

Article by Sasha Brown-Worsham

Photo’s from  Mommy Milk


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