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Krystle K's Home Water Birth

Krystle K’s Home Water Birth

Here you will see the amazing Home-Water-Birth of Krystle K’s 2nd daughter Evelyn Jade. We would love to also share Whitney J’s Birth Center Birth, but it is R rated! haha

In honor of National Midwife Appreciation Day, we wanted to share with you what midwives make possible each and every day.

“Without my midwife Harmony, I would not have been able to have this empowering birth experience.” -Krystle K


To hear Krystle’s thoughts about the birth and to see pictures click HERE


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  1. […] I am surprised how jittery I am feeling. My first birth was the 2 day back labor from Hades, and my second was an absolute breeze (like laughing almost right up to the end)! Of course I am hoping for and […]

  2. In tears…so beautiful ! Thank you Krystle for sharing your amazing experience with all of us !

  3. Beautiful Birth