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Long Lost Photos Show That Motherhood Hasn't Changed in 50 Years - The Snap Mom

Long Lost Photos Show That Motherhood Hasn’t Changed in 50 Years

Breathtaking! I was actually brought to tears by the beauty and love in these images. It may sound silly, but sometimes as a mom I can tend to feel like I am the only one experiencing the highs and lows of motherhood in my day to day life, but the thought that motherhood hasn’t changed in 50 years is really encouraging!

Buried treasure doesn’t always have to be underground. As photographer Ken Heyman discovered, forgotten storage boxes can yield treasure, too.

According to Medium, his former agent, Woodfin Camp, requested that he empty his contents from a closing storage facility. That’s when the 83-year-old photographer found a box titled “Mothers,” filled with beautiful images of women and their children.

He shot the series of photos for a Pulitzer-nominated book called Family, which he co-wrote with anthropologist Margaret Mead — his former professor turned close friend. His website explains that she invited him to Bali where he started taking the photos, and has now worked in over 60 countries.

Although Heyman published the photos almost 50 years ago, the mothers in the pictures are just as busy as their modern-day counterparts laughing, multi-tasking, rocking and loving their children.

That’s a collection definitely worth holding onto.

(hat tip: BabyCenter)