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Mason Jar Etiquette - The Snap Mom

Mason Jar Etiquette

Hello there. This blog post has been a long time ‘acoming! I used to think one way about this (only being the recipient of my sister’s canning) but now that more frequently I am the giver of many jarred goodies (bone broth, sugar scrubs, refrigerator pickles, etc), I feel much differently. You see, I used to find it odd when unnamed persons would give me something and ask to have their jar back when I was done. It felt like a half-gift and almost like a bit of a chore to remember not to reuse, or throw out said jar; but nowwwwww… now I get it. I recently went to make something, and low and behold, I was out of jars! How could this be?! I just bought a whole flat of mason jars! Well,  one gift by one gift, my mason jars disappeared. Hence…this blog post. Any readers out there who have my mason jars…. feel free to return 😉

For the recipient:

When you receive a mason jar with something hopefully yummy or useful in it, ask the giver if they would like their jar back. If the answer is no, out of respect for the jar, reuse it! Don’t recycle it. Mason jars are not simply glass; they are specially made to be durable, freezeable and reusable! So make your own jelly, vitamin water, face scrub, etc. and put the jar to use!

For the giver:

NEVER give a mason jar of goods away if you are attached in any way to the jar. You see, you likely will never see it again. It’s okay, but just be prepared for that.

Feel free to be upfront and say “Yo, if you aren’t going to use this jar after you finish this amazing scrub, may I have it back?”. There, I worded that for you in a non-awkward way! Haha. You are so welcome.


If you live more than 26.2 miles (a marathon) from the giver or recipient, ignore all of the above.

If you didn’t understand any of the above, don’t worry, your time will come.  


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