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Meet The Snap Mom Community ADMINS!! - The Snap Mom

Meet The Snap Mom Community ADMINS!!


Krystle K and I could not do all that we do for The Snap Mom without the help of our hardworking ADMINS! They help us manage The Snap Mom Community, contribute to articles, and help keep the morale up! We recently had an Admin Weekend where most of our admins joined together. We all got to know one another better and solidified the sisterhood that is The Snap Mom Community Admin Team. We wanted you all to be able to get to know the admins better as well, so without further ado, here they are!

Meredith | Head Admin

Meredith admin

Age: 33
Kids: Bennett 8 (5/19/07) Taylor 4 (almost 6/15/2011)

Hometown: Charlestown, IN
Current: Prospect, KY
Profession: Registered Nurse 8yrs, SAHM 2yrs and headed back in to nursing in the next few months.
Passions: It’s in my nature to want to help and encourage people. I have really found my heart though in The Snap Mom Community, being able to focus on women, mothers and children. I don’t claim to have all the answers but I like to be a positive light to guide women to the decisions that are best for their lives and families.
Favorite article: The Holy Grail. It’s awesome to have a “one stop shop” of natural remedies for many common ailments.

Amanda | Admin, Head Content Manager and Head Editor

amanda admin

Age: 27
Married: June 2008
Kids: Cora Estelle, born June 2013 [2 years old]
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Current Town: Ormond-by-the-Sea, FL
Profession: SAHM, teacher, tutor
Passions: amateur photography, homemaking, gardening, visiting national parks
Favorite article: The Holy Grail of Natural Remedies
Articles Written: Why is My Baby [fill-in-the-blank] | DIY Sunscreen | School Philosophies

Nikki | Admin, Staff Writer

nikki admin

Age: 30
Kids: Dylan 4, Cohen 2, Neil 9 months
Hometown: Middlesboro, Kentucky

Current: Parrish, Florida
Profession: SAHM and full time college student
Passions: Loving others to the highest degree, writing, sharing my journey from grief to hope after losing my mother to terminal brain cancer and encouraging others on the grief journey. God has allowed me to meet amazing women on The Snap Mom and through my grief journey, for that I will forever be grateful.
Articles Written By Me: Dear Lonely Mom | Dear Mom Who Feels Lost in Motherhood | 5 Things You Should Never Say To A Griever | 5 Things Not To Say To A C-Section Mom | 5 Types of Moms You Meet in Labor and Delivery | What Moms Are Hiding From Each Other on Facebook | You’ve Never Had An Orgasm?? | Dear Motherless Daughter On Mother’s Day | Will You Be My Friend? Tips for Making New Mom Friends | 4 Truths About Postpartum Clothes Shopping | Sickness Etiquette: Because We Are All Sick of It | Mom Friends You Do Not Need | Dear Single Mom
Favorite Article: The article that has always tugged at my heart strings is What NOT to say to a woman who has suffered a miscarriage or infant loss.
Favorite Community Thread: It is actually one that turned into an article called “Beautiful C-Section Moments Caught On Camera.” Ladies shared pictures with babies born right after a c-section. The pictures were absolutely beautiful and emotional.

Lisa | Admin, Guest Writer, and Editor

lisa admin

Age: 28
Kids: Eva 2, Eliza newborn
Hometown: Sarasota, FL
Current: Maryland
Profession: Registered Nurse in labor and delivery as well as postpartum. Certified Lactation Counselor and Educator
Passions: I’m passionate about Christ-centered parenting and “wifing”, natural living, healthy eating, helping others, educating new mamas, Africa
Articles written by me: Cloth Diapering 101 | 14 Nutrient Packed Snacks for the Busy New Mom
Favorite thread in The Snap Mom Community: One snap mom asked about the pros/cons of having a doula – I loved this because I got to share why I loved having my doula during my hospital birth! This led to me inviting my doula in the group and she has been a great source of info for mamas! Lots of other moms and doulas commented and gave great feedback, and the mom who posted ended up hiring a doula!! Yay doula-power!

Chanelle | Admin and Staff Writer

chanelle admin

Age: 27
Kids: Grace, birthday 5/9/2012 and Silas, birthday 4/20/15
Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Current: Roanoke, VA
Profession: Mental Health Counseling, Babywearing Ballet Teacher, Parent Extraordinaire
Passions: Scheming with my husband, faith through experiencing nature, raising curious and compassionate kids! Anything outdoors! Running, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Swimming, Hiking, you name it! Connecting with other people and restoring their quality of life through support and spiritual growth.Traveling and learning new languages. Lifelong learning
Articles written by me: Natural Family Planning | Natural Consequences | Sex: How to ‘Unsnap’ After Kids | Playground Circuit Training | Hey Working Mom: Breathe. Your Kids are All Right | Ghost Veggies | 10 Ways a Carrier is Like a Bra | Benefits of Fermented Veggies | Belly Binding | Method in the Madness of Schooling  | 7 Perks to Having Kids Young | Sexual Abuse:What we Learned from the Duggars
Favorite Article: Babywearing 101 (because babywearing is a lifesaver!)

Aubrey | Admin and Staff Writer


Age: 28
Kids: Stay tuned…
Hometown: Sarasota, Florida

Current: Bradenton, Florida
Profession: Writer and nanny
Passions: Oh man… so many. I am passionate about my husband and my family. I am extremely passionate about whole health: healthy body image, yoga, running, eating healthy, working out, and loving yourself.
Articles Written: Immune Builders 101 | 5 Unbeatable Sides and Snacks | 10 Things Only Kids From Divorced Parents Know | Why I Get In Kids’ Faces | 7 Steps To Dropping The Extra Weight For Good | The 5 Most Effective New Year’s Resolutions | Workouts On The Fly | 5 Easy Yoga Poses To Combat Lower Back Pain | 4 Steps For Running Your First Race | 5 Lessons From Women Runners
Favorite Article: 5 Lessons From Women Runners
Favorite Community Thread: Any that lead to acknowledging our differences, yet still holding onto the beautiful connection that we are all doing what is best for our family.

Shannon | Admin and Guest Writer

shannon admin

Age: 31
Married: June 2003

Kids: Matthew 10, Caleb 9, Nathaniel 7, and Jeremiah 1
Hometown: Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Current: Sarasota, Florida
Profession: SAHM and I also sub Bodystep and Bodypump classes
Passions: My family and God are my first passion. Time passes so quickly in life that I want to cherish every moment that I get with my husband and kids. I love fitness and have a passion for helping to encourage others to see the best in themselves and their potential. Another passion is singing, but I get nervous nelly in front of others. 😉 
Articles Written By Me: 13 ways you know you’ve become a snap mom.
Favorite Article: Dear Lonely Mom, because I think we’ve all been there are some point.

Jessica | Admin and Guest Writer

jessica miller

Age: Thirty something. 😉
Kids: Super Grayden, 3

Hometown: Middlebury, IN (Go Hoosiers!)
Current: Sarasota, FL
Profession: Wife, mom, part time bookkeeper, Norwex Sales Consultant, and co-owner of our family lawn care business.
Passions: I am absolutely nothing without Jesus. He’s the reason I sing. I ADORE being a wife and mom. I thrive on laughter, family time and beautiful friendships. If it involves singing, traveling, crafting, creating, or COOKING (not baking wink emoticon )….I’m in!! I also love learning about natural living, putting those things into practice, and passing along nuggets that I learn along the way. Oh, and I like really good dark chocolate. And coffee. Don’t forget the coffee.
Articles written by me: Journey Through Infertility | Homemade Chickfila Nuggets | Delicious DIY Dairy-free, Sugar-free, Grain-free, Gluten-free Chocolate
Favorite Snap Article: ANY of the DIY’s. They’re all simply amazing. I also love The Holy Grail of Natural Remedies 

Mykenzie | Admin and Guest Writer

mykenzie admin

Age: 17
Kids: none yet!
Hometown: Sarasota, FL
Current: Sarasota, FL
Profession: the best mix of high school, college, accounting part time & nanny-ing in all of my spare time!
Passions: pageants, music, swimming, photography, reading medical studies, exploring and finding cute tea houses!
Articles written by me: How to Be Rude to People with Diabetes | The 5 Most Important Things your Babysitter Wants you to Know | 5 Must Know Tips for a Stress Free Life
Favorite Article: My all-time favorite is “Sexually Abused: Amanda’s Story” because I feel it was so incredibly courageous and brave for her to share such a tragic past. Amanda was actually my English teacher in middle school, so after I graduated and read that, I was in complete shock… it was only then that I understood all of her advice, her wisdom and her strength came from overcoming those experiences. There is just so much respect and gratitude in my relationship with her for always being open and honest with me as a student, showing zero judgment when I had a million questions, academic or not. I was extremely proud that she could help inspire other people who have been affected by sexual abuse.
Favorite Community thread: ones that ask questions specifically for advice when handling babysitter or teenager situations… I’m known to comment “Hi I’m 17 and here’s my two cents…” Hahahha.

Mama Kim | Admin Coach


Age:  Young & 50ish
Married:  3+ decades & counting
Kids:  Ginger 1989, Grace 1990, Grady 1994, Gibson 1998
Hometown:  Marshall, Texas / Little Rock, Arkansas
Current Town:  Sarasota, Florida
Profession:  previously a Pediatric RN (PICU, ER, IV Therapy)
Passions:  My Family is my foremost passion!  My husband, Marion, is such a love and huge encourager in my life.  Being the mother of 2 daughters & 2 sons has truly been the highlight!  And my family just recently expanded to include a new son-in-law (Mason) who I have fallen as deeply in love with as one of my own!  I have LOVED being amom, and now that my children are growing up, my “honorary motherhood” has extended to these special “snap mom admins”  and I support them 100% in their journey of motherhood.  My heart beats in unison with them as they pursue the sacred path of loving their families and doing everything in their capacity to see them flourish!   I am passionate about loving well & speaking positive words into the lives around me.  I enjoy implementing a variety of natural health principles.  I love creating unique and meaningful gifts from textiles.  I love my church and playing keys with my extended worship team family!.  God loves me & sustains me through it all!

Nicole | Admin and Guest Writer


Age: 31
Kids: Sawyer 3 (8/25/11) Sophia 1 (7/31/13) Baby #3 due in July
Current home: Michigan

Profession: Stay at home Mom.
Passions: Being the wife, mom, family member and friend God wants me to be. Being with my family, learning about natural living and helping my family grow in a non-toxic environment. Helping others and encouraging others on their life journey. Focusing on my relationship with God and thanking Him on a daily basis!
Favorite article: The Holy Grail of Natural Remedies.  I love being able to give a ton of natural options all in one article.
Article Written by me: The “itchies” at their Worst.

Rachel | Admin

rachael admin

Age: 20
Married: 2/16/14
Kids: Elise Noelle 12/6/14

Hometown: Sarasota FL
Current town: Sarasota FL
Profession: SAHM and a part time employee at Carlisle Gifts-Marketing/Sales. I also do free lance photography and distribute Juice Plus on the side. 
Passions: Being a godly wife and mommy! Singing, music, theatre, traveling, the ocean, organizing, reading & writing at coffee shops, and eating 🙂
Fun Facts: I collect elephants. My crock pot is my best friend. I’m addicted to NBCs tv show The Blacklist!
Articles Written: none yet
Favorite article: Natural Family Planning
It’s the first article I ever read from the snap mom, which then launched me into the world of beautiful natural living!

Amanda | Admin and Staff Writer


Age: 28
Married: March 2007
Kids: Ephraim 1/21/11 Evelyn 10/28/14

Hometown: Orlando FL
Current town: Orlando FL
Profession: SAHM and small home designs business owner 
Passions: God, I’m amazed every day by His great power and love. Anything that makes your eyes smile: art, painting, drawing, decorating, furniture building, COLOR. Living clean so I can live life to its fullest. I’m obsessed with delicious food and love Cooking and experimenting. Im most happy when Outdoors, make it a windy 70 degree day and I’m the happiest girl in the world. MY Family!!!!! Bringing smiles to people’s faces and helping people see how special they really are!
Articles I have written: 11 Reasons to Have Baby #2 | Everything You Need to Know About Meal Planning | Top 5 Breastfeeding Hacks | Ways to Prepare For a VBAC

Kimby | Admin


Age: 25
Married: May 2009
Kids: Ivan Wade 4 (5-22-11) and Oakley Rose, almost 2 (7-23-13)

Hometown: Uniontown, OH
Current Town: Louisville, OH
Profession: Birth/Postpartum Doula and Monitrice/Homebirth assistant (in training) and SAHM to my sweet babes.
Passions: Natural living, Healthy food/cooking, Anything birth related, Crafty things/DIY projects, Music and teaching my kids.
Favorite article: Immune Builders 101 because it has all of my favorite products I recommend to everyone I know, haha!!

Kelsey | Admin


Age: 28
Married: February 2009 Kids: Noah, 3
Hometown: Sarasota, Florida

Current: Sarasota, Florida
Profession: Part time office staff at my church
Passions: Worship, family, and crafting!
Articles Written: none at this point
Favorite Article: The Holy Grail of Natural Remedies

Leanna | Admin


Age: 25
Married: July 2011
Kids: Tori 3, Gavin 2, and Isla 8 months
Hometown: Russell Springs, Ky
Current: Farmington, OH
Profession: SAHM
Passions: My kids are my greatest passion. I love that I get to spend each and every day watching them grow and learn. I truly have a heart to serve and I love finding different ways to be a blessing to others. I love involving my kids in that, and showing them the joy that comes from being a servant. Music, instruments and singing are also a great passion of mine. I love playing the piano and guitar when I find the time.
Favorite article: The Holy Grail of Natural Remedies because I love having so much great information in one place.

Lindsey | Admin and Staff Writer


Age: 31
Married: 2007
Kids: Riley Catherine 6, London Reid 2

Hometown and Current: Sarasota Florida
Profession: Hair Stylist and Owner at Southern Roots Salon
Passions: My children who inspire me each and every day to be a better person. I absolutely love to travel and see new places. I also love farm life and growing things.
Favorite article: Homemade Formula because the discovery of it saved my daughter from her horrible eczema!
Articles I have written: Homemade Baby Formula | 5 things your hairstylist wants you to know | 4 important things I’m learning in my thirties | urban homesteading part 1&2 | gluten free blueberry muffins

Jenna | Admin


Age: 30
Married: 2007
Hometown: Sarasota
Kids: Hayden 6, Hudson:3 and one more on the way.
Profession: Stay at home mom, and loving wife 
Passions: Shopping for myself and others, hair and makeup, natural living and traveling/cruising.
Favorite article: 7 Natural Beauty Tricks From Your Kitchen. Why? Because I love all things that have to do with making yourself look good, and feel good and if its natural its the icing on the cake.

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