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Milk-Saves-Never Lose a Drop Again!

Milk Savers-Never Lose a Drop Again!

A great gift for every nursing mama!

by Jessica Martens | guest reviewer for The Snap Mom


I have a 5 month old nursling, and after having 3 babies, I’ve learned that I’m not an “accessory/gadget” mama. I have enough to remember and keep track of in my day, so I like to keep things simple. This is an EASY way to pump without actually having to take the time to pump. I never considered myself to be “leaky,” so I didn’t realize how much milk I actually leaked until using the Milk-Saver. I can collect a 4-6 oz bottle by the end of the day, by only using the Milk-Saver when I feed. Every drop of liquid gold counts, right?! (All my nursing mamas said, “amen!”) I pump for my freezer stash, so I use the Milk-Saver while I feed baby, and then I add the milk to what I get from pumping.

The Pro’s:


It’s made out of a soft silicone and stays right in your bra or tight fitting shirt. (And I’m a small 36B while nursing.) It’s also very discreet, you could definitely use it in public if you needed/wanted to.


You can hold baby in one arm and put the Milk-Saver in and out without being a hot mess. You can use it in whatever position you nurse baby in (I use it while feeding laying down on my side.)


You just give it a quick wash in warm water and some soap and set it upside down in your drying rack to dry.


Instead of letting it go to waste in your nursing pad, it goes into a bottle to be used for later! Instead of pumping, you are free for that quick* trip to Target. (*Ha! you know you’re going to walk every aisle with a coffee in hand. Because you can. You go, girl.)


It comes with a small hard case and can fit easily in your purse or diaper bag.

The Con’s:

IT’S COMFORTABLE. (Wait, wasn’t that a pro?) It’s actually so comfortable, you can forget it’s in. Which is fine, until you bend over and spill a bit of milk. It would be nice if it had a stand to rest on, or a flat bottom so you could put it down. (The benefit of getting that extra milk is so great that it’s not that much of a problem)

I will definitely buy this for every friend who plans to nurse her baby, it’s so great!


Editor’s Note: If you have an oversupply, be aware that if you leave it on after nursing, it may stimulate you and increase milk supply. You should still be able to use it successfully while nursing just be mindful of removing it afterwards. 

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Product Description

  • Allows you to save every drop of precious breast milk – none goes to waste!
  • Tested to ensure zero chemical leaching – contains no BPA or phthalates
  • Milk Saver was awarded the coveted National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval 2014 – considered a “must have” item by countless women
  • Can be used with Milkies Nursing Blend supplement, designed to help increase breast milk quantity
  • Discreet and comfortable – no more nursing pads or milk-stained shirts!

Ask any mom and she’ll tell you: breast milk is a precious commodity. Women will go to great lengths to ensure that not a drop of “liquid gold” gets wasted. That’s precisely what makes the award-winning Milkies Milk-Saver such a wonderful invention for breastfeeding mothers. The patented Milk-Saver collects your leaking breast milk as you nurse – allowing you to store extra breast milk effortlessly with each feeding. Easy to use, simply slip the Milk-Saver into your bra-cup on the non-nursing side before you breastfeed. The Milk-Saver collects the milk that is leaked when your breast milk lets down. You can store this milk and save it for any time it’s needed. Slim and portable, the patented Milk-Saver allows you breastfeed anywhere without the fear of embarrassing leaks or uncomfortable nursing pads. And with its stylish, durable case, your Milk-Saver will stay safe and clean when you’re on the go. Like you, we care very much about the safety of the products we use while breastfeeding. The Milk-Saver has been rigorously tested to ensure zero chemical leaching and contains no BPA or phthalates. The only product of its type, the Milk-Saver has received accolades from lactation specialists, pediatricians, and breastfeeding moms the world over. It makes the perfect baby shower/new mom gift – or as a treat for yourself!