Milky Mommy? You Can Make As Much As $3,000 a Month Selling Your Extra Breast Milk!

If you are looking for some extra cash & are breastfeeding, look no further! is an online classifieds system for posting breast milk sale ads for free.

Moms can sell their extra breast milk for up to $3.00 an ounce! It truly is liquid gold!

Sellers post pictures of their milk, share details about their lifestyles and diets, whether the milk is fresh or frozen and even brag on its quality and the chubbiness of their babies.

Sellers can get certified and blood tested to put buyers minds at ease.

This site has been a great resource for many distraught new moms who were unable (for whatever reason)to breastfeed their baby and many milky mamas running out of freezer space or needing some extra income.

Check out one of my friend’s ads here: Jen’s Ad

Krystle K




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