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Mom Driving Son to Hospital Issued Speeding Ticket

Mom Driving Son to Hospital Issued Speeding Ticket

What are your thoughts ladies? If my child was losing consciousness, I don’t know how much patience I would have….


A Polk County mom is asking for an apology from a deputy who gave her a speeding ticket as she was driving her sick son to the hospital.

Megan Parke said her 5-year-old son, Braylon Braswell began having trouble chewing and swallowing on Wednesday.

“You could see him trying to close his mouth to chew, but he just couldn’t do it,” she said.

Sensing something was wrong, Parker put her son in the front seat of her car and headed for Lakeland Regional Hospital’s Emergency Room.

When they were almost to the hospital, Braylon began to lose consciousness. Parker sped up to what she says was about 45 miles-an-hour in a 30 mile-per-hour zone. She was five minutes from the hospital when a Polk County Sheriff’s deputy pulled her over.

“I was pleading with him. I need to get him to the ER. He’s shaking, he’s drooling, he’s going in and out, I need to get him there,” Parker said.

The deputy told Parker she should have called an ambulance. And then, that’s what he did.

A spokesperson for the department showed us the records, the deputy called for an ambulance 3o seconds after stopping the car.  It took six minutes for the ambulance to arrive.

“What he did was appropriate in calling the ambulance,” said Polk County Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson, Carrie Eleazer. “If she felt there was a medical emergency, she should have put him on that ambulance.”

Parker said she refused to put her son in the ambulance because he was upset and afraid and she was almost to the hospital. She then had to fill out paperwork to refuse the ambulance. Then entire process took almost 40 minutes and ended with the deputy issuing a speeding ticket.

“He had no compassion,” she said. “It was just here’s your ticket. Have a nice day.”

Braylon ended up spending six days in the hospital.  A battery of neurological tests came back inconclusive. Parker said her son still have not recovered all his motor skills and she wonders if the extra time spent with the deputy hurt her son. She is asking for the deputy to call her and apologize.

It is against the Polk County Sheriff’s Office policy for deputies to provide escorts for medical emergencies. It is up to the deputy’s discretion whether to issue a citation.