A Mother Was Ordered To Wear A Napkin To Cover Breastfeeding

Humiliated mother, Lou Burns, 35 is asked to wear a napkin to cover her 12-week-old daughter while breastfeeding to avoid “offending” other guests. She says she burst into tears and will never be returning to Claridge’s.


‘I’m not on some crusade. I just think people shouldn’t be treated like that. It would be nice to have an apology and for them to change their policy to not make any other breast-feeding women feel like second-class citizens. Breastfeeding is natural and we’re told it’s best for the baby. It’s a bit silly to say that people would be offended by it. Women are under so much pressure to breastfeed and it’s not easy. I’ve had two other children that I’ve struggled to breastfeed and I think women should be more supported, especially when they are trying not to draw attention to themselves.”

 A Mother Was Ordered To Wear A Napkin To Cover Breastfeeding2