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Nature Crates {toddler activity} - The Snap Mom

Nature Crates {toddler activity}

This is a simple, fun & easy project for you to do with your kids. My daughter & I had a blast exploring our neighborhood for items to add to our crate and she learned many new words as we talked about all of our objects. All you need is an egg crate but you could pretty much use anything to collect items!
I have been thinking a lot lately about being intentional about my parenting and including activities daily that allow my girls to be creative and have fun. Sensory play is so important for children. Helping them engage all of the 5 senses (taste,touch, sight, smell and hearing) assists with development, accelerates learning and exposes your child to exciting new experiences.With the Florida heat I am guilty of spending too much time indoors and my girls have been getting a bit stir crazy. I read this quote recently and decided to be more conscious of getting out into nature more. It doesn’t aways need to be a drive to the park, you can walk around the neighborhood and still have fun.
“When children spend most of their time indoors, they miss out. Problems associated with alienation from nature include familiar maladies: depression, obesity and attention deficit disorder. Kids who have direct access to nature are better learners. Exposure to nature has been shown to reduce stress and increase attention spans.When a child is out in nature, all the senses get activated. He is immersed in something bigger than himself, rather than focusing narrowly on one thing, such as a computer screen. He’s seeing, hearing, touching, even tasting. Out in nature, a child’s brain has the chance to rejuvenate.”

Here is our Nature Crate adventure!










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