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NORWEX Cleaning Supply Giveaway - The Snap Mom

NORWEX Cleaning Supply Giveaway

We have partnered with Sumer Wells, Norwex Independent Sales Consultant to bring you this wonderful giveaway! 

If you haven’t yet heard about Norwex, you need to! This is an amazing microfiber (1/200th the size of a human hair) product that cleans using only water by picking up EVERYTHING off of your surfaces! Not only do all those tiny microfibers remove everything and lock it inside the unique triangular weave, but each fiber is lined with silver, making it antimicrobial as nothing can live on silver! No more stinky cloths or smears of dirt and bacteria over your home! Norwex is a safe, more effective, less expensive, longer lasting and quicker way to clean! It’s wonderful news for Moms especially (even removes stains from cloths, fabrics, carpets, etc.)!


Adriel Z. 

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What you win:

norwexI’m giving away a basic package, which includes the Enviro Cloth (the most popular cloth and most versatile cleaner) and the Window or Polishing Cloth. Simply get the Enviro Cloth damp with water, fold it twice and, keeping it flat along your surface, wipe away all the dirt, grime, and germs, leaving behind a truly clean surface! Next, on surfaces that need a shine, like mirrors, fixtures, glass stove tops, windows, etc. follow the damp Enviro Cloth with a dry Polish/Window Cloth, also folded and held flat along the surface, for a streak-free shine! No chemicals or sprays to ingest or leave behind a residue! This package, along with other amazing products Norwex has to offer has transformed the way I clean and think about what I allow into my home. I’d love the opportunity to share more with you so you and your family can experience the benefits of Norwex and the REAL clean! ENTER BELOW! 

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norwexHi Snap Mom Community! My Name is Sumer Wells. I live in Hillsdale, Michigan with my husband Tim and two young daughters, Joelle and Mykah. I am an English teacher and most recently a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant.  Contact me here if you have any questions! 

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