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One Step Closer! - The Snap Mom

One Step Closer!

I’m nervous and excited to announce that we have our home study scheduled for this week!
Florida Baptist Children’s Homes will be assessing our home to see if it meets the health and safety requirements for child placement.
Once our home study is complete, we will be one step closer towards opening our house and our hearts to children in need of both.
Here is one of the lists we received:


Safety Standards:

  •  All electrical outlets are protected by outlet covers.
  • Foster parent(s) will prevent access to all poisons and choking hazards.
  • A safety gate or door prevents a child’s access to stairs.
  • Child’s access to pets, pet food, litter boxes, etc. is restricted.
  • Foster parent has been notified that a child is NEVER to be left unattended in a car or a bathtub.
  • Foster parent has been informed that a child 0 to 36 months should not be transported on a motorcycle, ATV, scooter, jet ski, or similar motorized vehicles.

Crib Safety Standards:

  • No portable cribs for permanent use.
  • No drop side cribs
  • Crib is in good working condition and has no broken parts, sharp edges, or chipped paint.
  • Infants 12 months or less no comforters, bumpers, stuffed toys, or other similar soft material placed in a crib.
  • The slats on the crib are less than 2 3/8 inches apart.
  • Foster Parent has been informed that the baby is to be placed on their backs only, to sleep.



Will keep you guys posted & would love for prayer that all would go smoothly!


To read about our “call to foster care” click {HERE}



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