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Our MMR Story: Non-stop Seizures

Our MMR Story: Non-stop Seizures

Here at The Snap Mom- we are for ALL MOMS. Vax-Moms and Non-Vax Moms. Our one resounding message is: be informed and research. You are your child’s best advocate. 

by: Anne Abbott | guest writer for The Snap Mom 

I am very protective of my children and would do anything to protect them from any harm. Sometimes my husband says I am overprotective. We chose to homeschool our children so that they are able to learn in a safe environment. We honor the advice of our parents and grandparents, and we relied on the knowledge of doctors to guide our medical decisions. Our son, now 9, was vaccinated on the recommended CDC schedule until he was 2. 


He did fine with all his vaccines and when we had our daughter, 5 years later, we knew that we would vaccinate as well. I started discussing with my mother the amount of vaccines our kiddos are supposed to get, and I began to question the amount. We decided to deny our daughter’s Hepatitis B vaccine at birth to the doctor’s dismay. Each day we were questioned and asked if we had changed our minds.

At her 2 month well baby checkup, we decided to go ahead with the DTaP vaccine because whooping cough was spreading in our area. To our dismay, our family doctor at the time only provided the PediaX vaccine that is comprised of 3 vaccines in one (DTaP, Polio and Hep B ). We went through our local health department since they offered the DTaP vaccine. Because he was not happy with our choice to do a delayed and selective vaccine schedule, we had to leave my lifelong family doctor. He basically fired us as patients. This created a bad taste already concerning the vaccine controversy. We weren’t against vaccines, just the amount given at one time, but yet we were getting grouped with non-vaxers.

It took a while, but once we found a new doctor that was willing to work with our vaccine choices, we decided to begin our daughter’s next vaccines, the MMR, on her 2 year well check-up. Our daughter had been a healthy child and all reports said she was on or ahead for her age. We felt safe going ahead with the next vaccine. The nurse gave the vaccine and like a lot of children, there was some fussiness and low grade fever a few days later. The doctor’s office had told us to give Tylenol and to keep her comfortable. Unlike my son, my daughter remained consistently fussy, and not herself (not as spunky, unresponsive at times, and just seemed under the weather.) I didn’t think this was normal, but the vaccine papers, said that these were normal reactions, so I thought we would wait a few more days.

On the 14/15th day after her vaccine, she had her first major seizure that lasted 30 minutes. The ER doctors ensured us it was just a febrile seizure and sent us home. When I mentioned the MMR vaccine, the doctors said it wasn’t from that because it was not a day or two afterwards.


We went through numerous months of medicine changes, intensifying seizures, doctor appointments/visits, and hospital stays with test after test. Nothing was controlling her seizures, and we began to see her personality change, her aggression grow stronger, a large weight gain, and sleepless nights. We feared we would lose our daughter to a seizure.

Not until I got home from our second stay in the hospital with our daughter after another major surgery, did I start to look at the reaction timetable on the CDC site. I noticed it said that adverse reactions typically begin 5-15 days after the vaccine was administered. Why did the doctors not look into this when I mentioned it?

Long story short, our daughter had to have a Hemispherotomy 1.5 years after the vaccine and was diagnosed with Rasmussen Encephalitis. My daughter had no delays and was very healthy, happy, and intelligent until the day we chose to give her the MMR vaccine. We planned on continuing with vaccines before all this happened to our daughter. Now, we only have half a brain to work with and can’t risk this happening again.


I am not here to tell a parent to not vaccinate.

I am just hoping parents take the time to research vaccines and look at the adverse reactions and to take notice if their child is acting different. Doctors are likely not going to raise a flag when vaccine is mentioned. It is our job as a parent to be advocates for our children. I am glad we chose to do one vaccine at time. I would hate to think what may have happened if we went ahead with the recommended CDC vaccine schedule. Our daughter may not even be here with us. It has been a scary ride, but I am glad we have her with us.

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