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Placenta Broth Benefits - The Snap Mom

Placenta Broth Benefits

The option of placentophagia (consuming the placenta) provides women with a choice to naturally rehabilitate and replenish their postpartum bodies. It is a way to be proactive against many ailments that may arise during the postpartum period, restoring the health of the mother in the way nature has intended.


I encapsulated both of my placentas after birth and am a big believer in its healing properties. I saw a huge difference in my postpartum recovery once I started taking the capsules!  Today we are hearing from the amazing Danielle Lorraine AKA The Gulf Coast Placenta Lady on the benefits of Placenta Broth. Take it away Danielle!


Placenta Broth…savoring every last drop! In the Traditional Chinese Medicine inspired preparation of placenta encapsulation, the steaming process creates a rich broth loaded with nutrients. This broth is often referred to as Placenta Broth, Mother’s Broth, or Miracle Soup. When consumed, this nutrient-dense, tonified broth aides in the healing and recovery of the newly postpartum mother’s body.

In the Traditional Chinese Medicine sense, tonification is a therapeutic treatment that nourishes and replenishes the blood and balance of the body in areas where they are deficient or weak. Tonification works in a number of ways to improve health and the overall condition of the body. Tonification helps in regulating the body’s balance,  promoting optimal functioning of the organs, by stimulating the circulation of the blood. As with all major activities of life, labor and delivery bring about a shift in the body. The beautiful process of birth can leave a woman’s body in an unbalanced state.

Placenta broth is a by-product of the steaming process. This valuable liquid is saved because it has been proven to be useful to many mothers. It is the essence of the placenta, containing bio-genetic hormones and nutrients. Think of the healing power of Bone Broth, multiplied by infinity and tailored to your bio-specific needs.

This broth can be added to your favorite tea, juice, smoothies, or used in a soup. It can also be consumed by itself. Not disposing of the broth and consuming this miracle soup, the mother is savoring every last drop of the placenta’s amazing benefits, wasting nothing.


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To connect with Danielle and learn more about her services:

Visit her Facebook page Gulf Coast Placenta Lady or stop by her website 

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