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How to Lose The Baby Weight

How to Lose The Baby Weight

How to Lose the Baby Weight

Meet Melinda, one of my dearest friends who is total inspiration to me on so many levels! Not only did she carry her twin girls to 37 weeks (with gestational diabetes), she breastfed them both for a full year and has managed to bounce back with the body of an 18 year old! We sat down with her for an interview to give our Snap Mamas some inspiration. – Krystle K




You look amazing! Can you describe what your journey to fitness has looked like since having your twins?

“Well thank you! I started pretty slow with just walks around our neighborhood. Our gym allows babies as young as 6 weeks, but I was nowhere near ready to leave my little ones with strangers that early!! So, I was limited to doing things at home. I did a lot of Yoga and Pilates on my bedroom floor or basically anything that I could do with the babies there too. My mother in law started coming one morning a week for an hour so that I could go to a muscle works class (which was such a blessing!). Oh and running! I hate running, but I started taking the girls in the jogging stroller when they were around 6 months old. We ran a 2.5 mile loop around our neighborhood three days a week, and that helped me lose those last 5 lbs. Around this time is when my husband initiated “Mommy Night Out,” where he would watch the girls and put them to bed so that I could get out of the house and get some “me” time. During the summer I used this time to go for a beach walk, kayak, stand up paddle, surfing-anything that got me near the ocean but helped me break a sweat, too. Finally when the girls were around 9 months, I felt comfortable enough to put them in the child-watch at our gym. Since then, I have done kick boxing classes, body pump classes, yoga, etc at our local gym 2-3 days a week while the girls make new friends in the kid class.”

What are some ways new moms can carve out time for working out?

“My girls were on a schedule and I found that exercise works best that way, too. If I don’t schedule it, then it won’t happen. Playtime for the babies is a great time for mommy to get a workout in at home. I kept weights and a Pilates ball in our play room. If you are blessed with family nearby who are willing to help, see if they will watch the babies while you go to the gym. I know I said I hate running, but it is seriously the EASIEST way to burn calories with baby in tow. Not to mention the babies love it, it’s like they are on a baby roller coaster!”

Did tandem nursing play a role?

“I think that nursing plays a huge role in initial weight loss and helps your uterus to shrink back down to normal size (so that you don’t look like you’re still preggo), but this also made me hesitant to limit calories or diet because I didn’t want to hinder my milk supply.”

What is most important for new moms to know regarding baby weight?

“Everyone always says this, but it’s important to remember-it took 9 months to put that weight on, so it’s not coming off overnight! It took 9 months to put that weight on, so it’s not coming off overnight!! Most of us are not celebs with nanny’s and personal trainers or plastic surgeons, so don’t judge yourself by the media’s standards. Also don’t judge yourself by your friends, even if she’s had a baby around the same time as you.Everyone’s journey to fitness is different. I remember trying on a dress when the girls were around 4 months old, in a size that was MUCH larger than my “old” dress size, and it was STILL too tight. I said, “Will I ever be back to normal??” and my mother in law told me “don’t worry, you’ll get there.” I thought she was nuts but here I am, feeling healthier and more fit than pre-babies. You’ll get there, too.  Also sometimes when you are trying to lose your baby weight, you hit a plateau. It just happens. For me when that happened, I made a new rule for myself about desserts. I have a bit of a sweet tooth and would eat them every night if given the chance. My post-breastfeeding metabolism can’t keep up, so now I eat them one day a week (during the day, not at night) and on weekends. That gives me three days of desserts a week, and four days with healthy options like fruit or yogurt.”

How has becoming a mom changed you?

“Wow how has it NOT changed me? In regards to my body, I think I feel really empowered. This body carried two babies, both over 6lbs, for 37 weeks! Before I had the girls, I wanted to work out so I could fit into my skinny jeans. Now I work out to be strong–strong enough to carry both of my girls. I work out to de-stress from the crazy days of chasing around 2 toddlers. I want to set an example to them of what a healthy lifestyle looks like.”

We would like to thank Melinda so much for sharing with us and also remind you that, like Melinda said- losing weight is a process and you need to be kind to yourself. Growing humans is a BIG deal for a bodies. Give yourself some slack and enjoy your new baby! Slow and steady wins the race…..and LOOKS awesome in a bikini 😉

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