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Preparing For My Homebirth

Preparing For My Homebirth by Krystle K


This sweet little human is my son, and I will be meeting him soon.

As my birth window approaches, I am joyfully aware that the urge to nest and organize has kicked in. My 2nd trimester was a doozy, and I was worried my energy would never return. Alas, as I found myself vacuuming at 8pm the other day (after MONTHS of avoiding my vacuum like the plague) I realized the countdown had begun.

Even though this is my 3rd out-of-hospital birth, I am surprised how jittery I am feeling. My first birth was the 2 day back labor from Hades, and my second was an absolute breeze (like laughing almost right up to the end)! Of course I am hoping for and expecting another terrific experience, but I am also trying to brace myself for the dreaded back labor so it doesn’t sneak up on me and try to kill me like last time.

The plan is to have our son at home in the water in our bedroom. Our second daughter was born in there also, and I adored hopping up into our bed afterwards and staying there snuggled up for the next few days. Having our eldest child (who was 14 months old at the time) attend our last birth was a truly memorable experience. She was in and out of the room while I labored and requested to be in the tub with us as soon as her sister was born. To this day she loves going back and watching the video.578674_4195871331281_1077825065_n

I hope the timing works out to where both of my girls can attend, participate and experience their brother’s birth, but I also wouldn’t be upset if he came quickly in the night and was there to greet them in the morning.

Back to my preparations… This is not a “How To,” just simply my personal checklist in no specific order.

Preparing For My Homebirth

  • Order my birth kit
  • Get baby’s newborn gear all washed and ready
  • Do my best at meal planning and stocking up dinners in the freezer for after the meal train ends
  • Sort out birth tub rental and getting the hose to fill it up
  • Organize birth team meeting
  • Get bodywork for optimal positioning
  • Perineal stretches. Not glamourous, but so important! We got lazy last time and didn’t do them and I ended up with stitches….
  • Get on my birth ball as much as possible
  • Up the red raspberry leaf tea and start evening primrose (once past 37 weeks)
  • Stock up on homeopathics for labor
  • Make postpartum padsicles
  • Buy ibuprofen. The only time I ever use anything like this is after birth. Those afterbirth pains are OUT OF THIS WORLD and I have no qualms about popping those pills to get me through the first night
  • Praying, meditating on front labor, visualizing a peaceful birth and healthy baby, and reading my birth scripture:


I have many more items in my head but they are mostly random bits and bobs that wouldn’t interest you much.

Stay turned for more updates!

-Krystle K