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Be Real: A Crunchy Confession - The Snap Mom

Be Real: A Crunchy Confession

I often feel pressure to be the best natural, organic, hippie, granola-mama I can be. Whether it’s self-imposed or not, I feel it. If I can’t do it all and be it all, how could I possibly share with The Snap Mom audience about natural living??? But what I’ve concluded is this: no one can be perfect, and more importantly no one can relate to a perfect person.

Whitney J dropped some jaws with her formula confession and it’s time I let some cats out of the bag.

So here is my crunchy confession:

1. I don’t cloth diaper. I can’t even wash my own underwear some weeks let alone a whole stash of cloth. I am in awe of Whitney’s dedication to cloth and have tried it over a dozen times but it’s always a fail for me.

2. We love to eat healthy but that doesn’t mean we are not fans of Chic-Fil-A. Come on – that’s some tasty chicken! I know – GMO, MSG and high fructose corn syrup, but it happens and I enjoy it.

3. I use Secret deodorant. Guess it’s a secret no more. I have bought every natural brand on the market and I still STINK. Not all the natural crystals of India can handle what chasing 2 kids does to me throughout the day. I’ve also tried many DIY recipes (that work great for others) and the hubby has gently let me know – they aren’t cuttin it either!

So there we have it.
A few facts that hopefully didn’t crush your perception of me. Whitney J and I strive to help other mamas and we NEVER want to appear better than anyone. We are all on a journey and it looks different for each person. I get a little high strung about doing it “right” and sometimes that’s not what is best for my family and myself.

Love and peace,

If you need your faith restored in me, check out my home water birth or co-sleeping article for crunchy cred 😉

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