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Saying Goodbye: Baby Oren's Story - The Snap Mom

Saying Goodbye: Baby Oren’s Story


I pulled the car into the empty parking lot and we chatted. I grabbed my gear and we headed towards the front door. But before we hit the steps, I stopped and grabbed her arm.
“Amber, I’m scared” I confessed. “I know” she replied, “me too…. Krystle please say a prayer.”
We clung to each other and cried as I prayed for strength and grace to guide us. We then both took deep breaths and walked into the funeral home.

Days earlier my friend Amber tragically lost her 8 month old son Oren (on her birthday August 20th) after a seizure that caused him to go into cardiac arrest.

This was not how I had planned to introduce you to sweet Oren.

Almost from birth Oren was dubbed “Oren The Miracle Baby”  after overcoming many many health obstacles, spending a huge portion of his precious life in the hospital and amazing everyone with his steady recovery. Oren was a fighter. He defied many odds and has touched many hearts. His big beautiful electric blue eyes were almost startling, his golden tuft of hair was adorable and his sweet smile was infectious.


Amber & I had great plans to bring his story of healing to you, The Snap Mom Community, but sadly, it did not work out how we planned it.

“I thought we had more time” I sobbed as we spoke over the phone. “So did I” Amber said. Realizing because of his multiple hospital stays they never gotten around to having his picture taken, I let her know I would go to wherever Oren was and take his portrait. She bravely decided to come and have one last moment with her baby.

We both were really worried that he might not be in very good condition but I gasped when I saw him.

Perfect. He looked perfect. Angelic, peaceful and so calm. It was relieving but at the same time so cruel. He could have been mistaken for a sleeping baby. I held my breath as the funeral home assistant handed Oren to Amber. She breathed in deep and gazed at her sweet still baby.

The next hour was a mix of us both weeping, talking and taking in every inch of his tender body. Knowing this was the last time she would ever see or touch her child was almost too heavy to take. The very thought of it kept making my chest tighten, my throat close and my heart ache.

This was a pain no mother should endure.

Amber was graceful, dignified and gentle as she held him in her arms, stroked his golden hair, kissed his hands and said her goodbye. Honestly, how she kept her composure astounded me.

When it was time, she struggled to physically let go of him. Knowing the aching would soon return and the emptiness would be quick to follow. For in that precious moment in time, he was hers again.

Below are the pictures of her final moments with Oren. After you have become a part of their story I ask you pray for the family and hold a special space in your heart for Oren.


Oren_001 Oren_003









 An Angel In The Book Of Life
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And Whispered As He Closed The Book
“Too Beautiful For This Earth”


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