Shark Attack Survivor Bethany Hamilton Catching Waves at 6 Months Pregnant

25-year-old Bethany is expecting her first baby, but that doesn’t stop her from hitting the waves! Which activities did you continue doing throughout your pregnancy?


The pro surfer tells

“I usually surf one to five hours a day in two sessions. Surfing is my go-to as far as exercise, but I love working out and getting a sweat on. I often get distracted outdoors, but in a gym I can focus. I usually do a Tabata-style workout. I like high-intensity with various lunges and squats and some explosive versions. I’ll also incorporate the TRX, Bosu, step-ups and a ball, sometimes some light dumbbells, too. I love swimming, deep-sand beach jogs and sprints, playing tennis, spinning, running stairs. I love a variety of workout so I don’t get bored!”

Feature image: Splash News