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Snap Baby on the Way! - The Snap Mom

Snap Baby on the Way!

Hope you enjoy our little video.

God has a funny sense of humor.

We were licensed to foster (after 9 months of working towards certification) and very shortly afterwards, found out we were expecting another child! Although it was not a surprise to us, it was definitely a lot of great news at once.

While the idea of both at once was slightly overwhelming, we viewed it as a beautiful opportunity to show others that there is always room for children in need in our home.

Our bebe is now 12 weeks old and has a nice, strong heartbeat. My husband and I were both breathless looking into that monitor and watching that tiny little human fluttering around. After having a miscarriage, it’s always nerve-racking climbing onto the ultrasound table, and it is absolutely exhilarating to hear “all is well”.

Stay tuned for monthly updates and pictures!