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Snap Review: Sweetie Pie Organics - The Snap Mom

Snap Review: Sweetie Pie Organics

Hola Snap moms! So you all know that I am very DIY-oriented, right? I like to make my own snacks, cloth wipes, cosmetics, etc. However, if I could be real with you for one minute… sometimes I just don’t have time for IT ALL! If I am not going to make my girls snacks, then I try to buy them the best snacks. That’s where products like Sweetie Pie Organics Snacks come in!

4 Things I Love about Sweetie Pie Organics Snacks

  1.  Not only are they USDA Certified Organic (this means there will be no pesticides or anything artificial in the product), they are  non-GMO, gluten-free, preservative-free, no artificial flavors, no added sugars or salts, and made in the USA! I mean, that is a winning combination right there!
  2.  My Sofia (almost 2) loves to eat them! Her favorite blend is Banana Sweet Corn Blueberry!
  3. The packaging is made from recyclable materials!
  4. They are perfect for the diaper bag!

I brought them along on a playdate to share and here is what my friend, Chanelle had to say:

“This snack is awesome for when I’m on-the-go with toddlers. I love that I can throw it in the bottom of a diaper bag, and have whole fruits and veggies for my kiddo no matter where we are! They’re perfect for little hands, and they’re so simple. No cereals, no fillers–just straight fruits and vegetables. Like my husband said, ‘the blueberries look like blueberries!’ I only wish I found them sooner! – Chanelle H.

All in all, I wholeheartedly stand behind this company and their amazing product. I certainly give them the Snap Mom Seal of Approval!



Sofia’s Favorite