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Juicing 101 & Recipes - The Snap Mom

Juicing 101 & Recipes

Juicing 101 & Recipes

Aren’t Krystle K and baby Ev just adorable in this video!? Evelyn may or may not have gotten some beet juice on her face during this video! Hehe. Enjoy!

Juicing is a powerful thing. CLICK HERE to read a powerful testimony about its healing properties! It can be daunting to get started so we wanted to make it super easy for you! Let’s get going!


  1.  Juicing can help you lose weight, or maintain weight that you have already lost.
  2. Juicing has been known to increase your energy levels. You may notice your body regaining that vitality that had been missing from your life for so long!
  3. Juicing can help strengthen your immune system. This is so important to your overall health to be able to fight off nasty viruses and other illnesses.
  4. Juicing can help your skin look radiant, smooth, hydrated and therefore younger!! Everyone enjoys this benefit, even the guys will love looking younger and rested.
  5. Did you know that juicing can also help manage your blood pressure? This may not be scientifically proven but what is proven is that juice from organic fruit and vegetables is naturally low in sodium which absolutely helps lower your blood pressure. Plus most of us already know that juicing helps lower weight therefore may decrease blood pressure.
  6. Juicing can improve your digestive system. Raw juices require little digestion, the body absorbs the juice’s supply of potent nutrients, quickly and effortlessly. No undigested food in the digestive tract means greater energy for you.
  7. Juicing can help regulate your blood sugar levels . You should include plenty vegetables that are low in natural sugar content.
  8. Juicing fresh fruit & vegetables can help fight existing cancers & could possible even prevent some cancers.
  9. Juicing can improve your cognitive functioning. We all know what its like feeling like we’re functioning in a fog some days, juicing may alleviate this. You may feel much more alert & able to concentrate.
  10. Every cell in your body is flooded with nutrients, hydration, vitamins, & minerals. The health benefits of juicing are simply incredible!
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To Get Started

1. Buy a Juicer

Below is one of the best! Champion Juicer! Whitney J’s mom has had this one since Whitney was 9 and its STILL GOING!



CLICK HERE for more info/to purchase






Here is a middle of the road juicer! Jack Lalanne Juicer! Krystle K rocks this one!



CLICK HERE for more info/to purchase









It doesn’t have to be the best on the market, but just get one so that you can see if you want to make juicing part of your lifestyle. Here is a more inexpensive option! Hamilton Beach Wide Mouth Juicer! Whitney J uses this one! (for now haha)



CLICK HERE for more info/to purchase









 2. Select and Prepare

Pick out veggies and fruits that are most appealing to you! Apples can sweeten, and carrots are extremely juicy! Once your have picked out your produce, wash or peel (if its not organic).

3. Juice Away!

Be creative and have fun with it! 


Here are some easy YUMMY RECIPES from Krystle K and Whitney J



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