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SnapDads Say the Darndest Things! - The Snap Mom

SnapDads Say the Darndest Things!

 Bahahahaha! I love this! My husband is so on board with most things but he always thinks I have put breastmilk in his coffee. Don’t know why he would think I would do that! (teehee)

by Christina Soderberg | staff writer for The Snap Mom

Picture this: Your sweet snapbaby has a cold. You go to and discover the benefits of GOOT! You immediately get busy in the kitchen assembling the garlic, olive oil, and coconut oil. Meanwhile, your husband walks in, smells the garlic and excitedly says, “Pasta for dinner? Thank you!”“Ummm… no hun, I am making GOOT.”The pause. The look…

You continue to explain it’s something that helps with colds, and you can put it on your feet. The eyebrows raise to accompany the slight shake of the head as he walks away. Two weeks later he gets a cold…and you guessed it, he asks for GOOT. hahaha!
Sound familiar? As a SnapMom who is trying new things, you may or may not have a skeptic in your house. You may hear hilarious remarks along the way from the “future snapdads!”  Yes! That’s right. If the man is not there yet, he will be a SnapDad in no time!

After asking several SnapMoms, here are the top ten hilarious remarks heard from SnapDads!

1. He opened the pantry after a trip to Costco and said, “Who took the fun out of the pantry?”

2. The first time diffusing essentials oils in the house, he walked in, saw the diffuser and said, “what are you polluting the air with?”



3. You “hid” chia seeds in the muffins you just made only to hear him say, “What is in these muffins, bird seed?”


4. After you are done making deodorant, he said, “What??? Oh my goodness, do not tell anyone you make your own deodorant – please!”


5. You buy whole wheat buns with seeds to put your burgers on, and he said ” Why don’t I just put my burger in a bowl of oatmeal.”


6. After you use Clary Sage Essential Oil instead of Clove EO for his canker sore… He told you he doesn’t trust you and your EOs anymore.

7. You are out with your friends and he said, “You should try this mushroom drink my wife makes.” (kombucha)

8. Walking into your house he exclaimed, “We have a jellyfish living on our counter.” (SCOBY)


9. He watched you wrap (babywear) your snapbaby and said, “You have got to teach me how to tie that! What is that knot, a clove hitch?”


10. You overhear him talking about cloth diapers: “No dude, you don’t even touch the poop. And it saves SO much cash! More money for the lingerie budget… ‘wink’”


Honorable Mentions:

Five more remarks that just had to make the list☺
“What doesn’t she use coconut oil for?”
“Do we have anything besides vinegar to clean with?”
“I am NOT putting that stuff on my armpits.”
“Our kitchen is turning into an apothecary.”
“Don’t tell me what’s in this.”
Here’s to all the SnapDads and all they do in helping support our healthy households! We love you!


About the Author:


Christina loves to sing, write, worship and live life to the fullest. She is a writer for and CEO of the home;) She has an amazing husband and two sweet littles who stole her heart. Read more from Christina here