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Lip & Tongue Tie Revision Footage - The Snap Mom

Lip & Tongue Tie Revision Footage

Warning this video contains graphic images


Here is the footage from both of my daughters’ Lip and Tongue Tie Revisions along with our sit-down interview with Dr. Gary Myers who performed them.

To read about our journey through the muddy waters of lip and tongue ties, its effects on breastfeeding and what led us to seek revisions click {HERE}

Full disclosure: Yes, as a mommy it was extremely hard to witness the frenectomies (2-4 minutes per child) but recovery is quick and the results have been incredible!

Our before and after pictures:

Upper Lip Tie





Posterior Tongue Tie




For more information of lip and tongue ties, your treatment options, support groups and more> click on the link {HERE}

To see my homeopathic revision aftercare kit for the girls click {HERE


I have to stress the importance of seeing a preferred provider from this list (click HERE to view list). This procedure is much like any surgery. Yes, many ENTs and dentists CAN perform the revision, but that does not mean they SHOULD. Much experience is key to successful revisions, including proper aftercare to ensure the frenulum doesn’t reattach. I had my daughter’s upper lip tie clipped at 4 months old and experienced a NIGHT and DAY difference. We went from having constant thrush, mastitis, reflux and colic since birth to never having any of those symptoms again! Unfortunately, I wasn’t given much advice for proper aftercare (bodywork and stretching). Within a year, it had re-attached and was much thicker than before.


Email Dr. Kotlow a picture for a free lip/tongue tie assessment!

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