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So You're Telling Me I Can Heal My Teeth At Home?"

So You’re Telling Me I Can Heal My Teeth At Home?”

Ya learn something new everyday!

by Lindsey Mills | staff writer for The Snap Mom

Mind blown right?? We did everything “right”. Brush twice a day, floss, fluoride(bleh), even see the dentist for cleanings starting at 3. Even so, my 6 year old has a filling, and her dentist just told me she needs 3 more for $700! My researcher’s brain immediately kicked in, and I thought, there has to be a way. After tons of research, I have seen so much conflicting data. Many homeopaths say you can remineralize teeth and heal cavities if your body is given the right tools.

There Are 4 Major Causes of Tooth Decay
1. Lack of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus in the diet.
2. Lack of fat soluble vitamins, especially D (A, D, E and K)
3. Too much consumption of Phytic Acid rich foods (unsprouted grains)
4. Too much consumption of processed sugar
I like what this dentist has to say in her article.…/  She also talks about a good book to get if you want to read more about healing teeth.

Fortify Your Diet 

Make sure you are limiting grains and sugar.

Eat lots of the following foods:

  • Bone broth, meat, fish, and eggs
  • Raw and cooked veggies, especially dark leafy types
  • Raw dairy like kefir and grass fed butter
  • Lots of vitamin D, get some sunshine in ya!
  • Healthy fats like coconut oil, avocado, and fermented cod liver oil
  • No nuts, seeds, beans, or grains if at all possible. If it’s been sprouted or fermented, the phytic acid is reduced or removed.
  • No processed food at all!!

Oil pull

Oil pulling is basically just swishing oil around in your mouth for up to 20 minutes. Oil pull once a day to pull out toxins and bacteria. Spit into trash so it won’t clog your pipes though! Then brush teeth. Here is a great recipe: warm a tablespoon of coconut oil just until melted, then add a drop of sacred frankincense essential oil, which has been said to help heal teeth.
Remineralizing tooth powder, not regular old toothpaste!
It’s important to not use any toothpaste with glycerin in it, which coats the teeth and creates a barrier so that the teeth cannot absorb to goodies it needs to heal! Many natural toothpastes contain glycerin, so read your labels.

Here is a DIY powder I made. I was super skeptical that my 6 yr old would use it. I skipped the xylitol, and she still LOVES it. I’m using it too, and I feel my teeth are cleaner and healthier.

DIY Tooth Powder


4 tbsp bentonite clay
3 tbsp calcium powder
1 tbsp baking soda
1 tbsp cinnamon powder
1 tbsp xylitol (optional sweetener)
10 drops essential oils: We chose lemon and orange, with a little spearmint.

Other oils:
Frankincense for healing
Clove for infected gums or teeth

Mix well, and store in a glass jar. Wet brush and dip in powder. Then brush away! I can’t wait to go back to our dentist in 6 months and have him retake our X-rays! Won’t he be surprised…

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About the author:


Lindsey is a scrunchy wife and mom to two adorable girls. She is also the salon owner of Southern Roots and works part time doing hair. She loves animals, gardening, and is very involved in her home church.