You Have Stem Cells From Each of Your Babies in Your Brain

We all know about the emotional bond between mother and child, but this just blows me away. Research shows long after your baby is born you still have their stem cells in your body and you will until you die. Maybe it’s just my pregnancy hormones, but this makes me weepy.

From Dr. Howard Chilton | Baby Doc

The physical and emotional link between a mother and her child is about as close as a relationship can be. New research now shows the physical connection is even deeper than anyone previously thought.


Stem cells from the fetus have now been found in many areas of the mother’s brain, heart and other organs. These stem cells are ‘pluripotent’ that is, they can potentially be induced to form many different cells lines such as brain or cardiac tissue and help in regeneration.

Another study illustrated their potential. The heart of pregnant animals were damaged by blockage of a coronary artery, simulating a severe heart attack, though this was not lethal. Later after the animals delivered, the heart was examined. Stem cells from their fetus had migrated to the damaged mother’s heart and helped it repair itself.


These cells from each and every one of your children are there, in your brain and heart…. for life. And they will all still be there when you die.

Feature Photo: AP