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{T.M.I Alert}.....Hate Pads & Tampons? Then This Crunchy Post Is For You - The Snap Mom

{T.M.I Alert}…..Hate Pads & Tampons? Then This Crunchy Post Is For You

Ok like I said TMI- You have been warned!

I (Krystle K) just got my 1st postpartum period after almost 11 glorious months without it (well 20 months if you count pregnancy also). Exclusively breastfeeding has MANY benefits for baby and mama & one is the blissful absence of your period! I recently went away with my husband for 3 days without my babies and although I was pumping I think that time away from breastfeeding is what triggered my period. I have to pray for MAXIMUM grace before and during my cycle because I’m… my hubby would say “craaaaaazy” and very scatterbrained. I literally started a fire in the kitchen yesterday. That’s a whole ‘nother story…..anyways I digress.

Now that the ol’ cycle has returned, I am back to my dear friend, The Moon Cup. This is an alternative that my sister introduced me to 5 years ago and I have never looked back. PEACE OUT Pads and tampons! Pads and Tampons are not only full of chemicals- they are expensive, uncomfortable & annoying/embarrassing to carry around and have a lot of packaging watse. The Moon Cup is none of these things and I have converted every friend who has been brave enough to switch!

Its safe and environment-friendly: Made from non-latex silicone it contains none of the harmful chemicals traditional products use (Rayon for absorbency and Dioxin a chemical used for bleaching).

Its economical: This product can be used for YEARS! You can save an estimated $400 over a period of years by switching, it pays for itself after just 2 periods. It is also easy to clean & durable.

Its comfortable and long lasting: This is the first product I have been able to wear and NOT feel. I used to do a lot of traveling and much of it was to remote areas all around the world. I cannot tell you how many random places (behind a bush in Zimbabwe, in a small village without public trashcans in Fiji, squatty-potties in get the point) I have had to stop and change a tampon and then carry it with me all day afterwards (GROSS). Im able to wear The Moon Cup for up to 8 hours without needing to empty it! Travel (especially long plane rides) have been made SO much easier because of it.

There are 2 types:

“A”: women over 30 or whom have had vaginal births CLICK HERE to purchase

“B”: women under 30 or whom have had c-sections. CLICK HERE to purchase



I hope this has been helpful and highly suggest you give The Moon Cup a try!

Go green and save some green by kicking disposable paper products to the curb!

Size comparison


A few commonly asked questions:

How does THE MOON CUP menstrual cup work … how does it stay in place?

THE MOON CUP is designed to catch your menstrual flow rather than absorb it. Its bell shape allows THE MOON CUP to fit snuggly and comfortably up against your vaginal walls, below but not touching your cervix. The rim is designed to help create a suction that keeps THE MOON CUP in place and collects your menstrual flow inside of it. The small holes around the rim are to help release the suction when you remove the cup.

Who makes THE MOON CUP?

THE MOON CUP is manufactured in the U.S.A. (Ohio) by THE KEEPER, Inc.

Has THE MOON CUP been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)?

Yes. The FDA in the U.S.A. has approved THE MOON CUP.

Isn’t THE MOON CUP a little expensive?

Comparatively speaking, no. Most other forms of feminine protection cost anywhere from $4.00 to $7.00 each month. The average cost of THE MOON CUP is only pennies per month over its useful life! CLICK HERE to purchase.

Is using a MOON CUP messy?

No, not once you get comfortable with it. In the beginning, you need to become accustomed to removing and emptying your MOON CUP. If the suction seal is not properly released before you remove the cup, it can sometimes be messy. Once you learn to release the cup properly, there should not be any problem. Pulling THE MOON CUP out too fast or by tipping it at too steep an angle could cause some messiness. Again, once you get some practice removing and emptying THE MOON CUP, things should be fine. Just remove the cup slowly and as close to straight down (with minimal tipping) as possible.

Will THE MOON CUP leak?

No, THE MOON CUP itself does not leak. However, there are conditions that could cause leakage. If the cup has not been inserted properly or if something has caused the cup to move out of place, some leakage may occur.
Will I be able to feel THE MOON CUP when it is inside?

Not if it has been properly inserted. If you do feel it, then it has probably not been inserted in the correct position and is too close to the vaginal opening. Adjust or reinsert THE MOON CUP slightly higher in the vaginal cavity. Remember, the entire stem remains outside of your body.
Is it possible for THE MOON CUP to get lost inside of me?


Does THE MOON CUP touch or come close to the cervix?


How often should THE MOON CUP be emptied?

You never want anything to stay in your body for an extended length of time without removing it. THE MOON CUP should be emptied and rinsed at least every 8 to 12 hours. Empty it more often if you are experiencing a heavy menstrual flow.

Can THE MOON CUP be worn overnight?


What if I need to empty my MOON CUP in a public restroom?

First, wash your hands. You may find it useful to take a wet paper towel into the stall with you. Remove, empty, and wipe THE MOON CUP before reinserting (you may use toilet tissue to do this). Then, use the wet paper towel to wipe off your fingers. Wash your hands again before leaving the restroom.

Can I wear THE MOON CUP during intercourse?

No. THE MOON CUP is positioned below the cervix and at the vaginal opening, so it would interfere with intercourse.

I sometimes use my diaphragm for menstrual protection. Does THE MOON CUP work as a method of birth control?

No. THE MOON CUP is NOT like a diaphragm and CANNOT be used as a method of birth control.

I have a tilted uterus, so can I use THE MOON CUP?


I am physically active and very involved in sports. Can I wear THE MOON CUP?

Absolutely! Many women who are active in sports find THE MOON CUP very convenient and effective.

May I wear THE MOON CUP while swimming?


So now that you have been convinced haha, CLICK HERE to purchase!

CLICK HERE for more money saving ideas!


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