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The Home Water Birth of Krystle K’s Son-VIDEO

Watch the home water birth of Krystle K's 3rd child. Attended by her family, Whitney J and the birth team. This was a fast and smooth delivery and baby Elliott was born partially in the caul!

SNAPtv “Why I’m Having a Home Birth…and Why I’m Definitely NOT!”

The Snap Mom presents an intimate Q and A session with Krystle K and I, as we share our upcoming birth plans and answer questions from our fans. Please SHARE this video if you found it interesting or helpful! Thank you!

The Sweet Home Birth of Baby Lemma-Video

Ahhhhhh I love birth videos! As mine approaches I love to watch these for inspiration. Video Source: Burgess Coffield

This Husband Provides AMAZING Support During Home Birth-VIDEO

How wonderful to see a couple working together to get through labor! This husband did an outstanding job supporting this momma. Wow! Yay for awesome men!

How to Have a Successful Natural Birth

Here is a helpful article from my family's natural healthcare provider, Dr. Deanine! You can connect with her by stopping by her website www.Dr.Deanine.com or like her on Facebook (Dr.Deanine Whole Person Healing) for more tips and tricks for ...

Birth Story: Breech Baby

Today's interview is with Kelly Reagan, owner of  Sanagaia Garden What drew you to choosing a midwife and natural labor? Being a lover of all things natural and wholesome, I was not fond of the idea of having a hospital birth. I knew about ...

Sophia Jane’s Birth Story

Oh my. This is a lovely birth story! I just love it. It comes to us from one of our very own Snap Mom Admins, Nicole Brown! If you enjoy this story, please click here to visit her blog///Building With The Browns Enjoy this gem of a read!  ...

Harmony, {LM, CPM}

Harmony Miller, LM, CPM had the privilege of witnessing a home birth while in college studying lighting design. She was changed, and so was her major. She immediately started taking classes toward an RN degree, read everything she could about birth, ...

Journey Through Infertility

We were able to sit down with Jessica Miller, one of our Snap Moms, having just celebrated her son's 1st birthday after 10 years of trying to conceive, for a nitty-gritty interview on her journey through infertility. 1. Did adoption cross your ...