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Why You Should Eat Fermented Foods + Mason Jar Sauerkraut Recipe

My mouth is watering! Learn why you should be eating fermented foods and how to make mason jar sauerkraut! Yum! by Chanelle Henderson | staff writer for The Snap Mom In an effort to add more fermented foods to our diet, my family and I ...

Easy-Peasy Mason Jar Hacks

This tutorial from What's Up Moms is quick, easy and PERFECT for your homemade holiday gifts!

Mason Jar Etiquette

Hello there. This blog post has been a long time 'acoming! I used to think one way about this (only being the recipient of my sister's canning) but now that more frequently I am the giver of many jarred goodies (bone broth, sugar scrubs, ...

DIY Fresh Herb Keeper

Fresh herbs tend to go bad pretty quickly, and a store bought fresh herb keeper can cost up to 25 dollars! All you need is a mason jar, some water, and your herbs will stay fresh for weeks!