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Going into Labor at 20 Weeks: Tide’s Story

Tide's story is a beautiful reminder that miracles can and do happen! by Ashleigh Lorenz | staff writer for The Snap Mom When I found out I was pregnant, a million thoughts ran through my mind ~ best way to share the news, boy or girl, ...

Dead Baby Brought Back to Life by Mother (See Child Now)

This sweet boy was brought back to life on his mothers chest 2 hours after he was pronounced dead. (watch video here)   Photo Credit Snopes.com  

7 Year-Old Survives Plane Crash and Tries to Save Her Family – VIDEO

What a remarkable story of survival! What struck me about this is that this child's father had taught her survival skills and she knew exactly what to do because of it.

Water Birth With a Dolphin Doula? VIDEO

Is this crazy or so cool? I'm not sure! Would you consider a birth like this? This couple flew to Hawaii, spent time bonding with a dolphin pod and then delivered with the dolphins all around them. WOW! Talk about a unique birth!

Pregnant After Rape and Encouraged to Abort, Here’s How My Husband and I Responded

This story absolutely blew me away. What strength and what resolve... by Jennifer Christie | Article Source Last January, I was traveling on business, staying in a little hotel in a college town. I like to think I’m usually more aware ...

Baby Born in Car on Thanksgiving Day-VIDEO

What a way to start your Thanksgiving Day! This couple was on their way to the hospital when they realized they were not going to make it in time! Watch and see what happened!

See Why Parents Decided to Have Half Their Daughter’s Brain Removed-VIDEO

This story is remarkable. You will be shocked to learn that these parents decided to have half of their daughters brain removed, all to improve her quality of life...

Miracle Baby Born With Two Faces

What an amazing couple! Craniofacial duplication only happens with .4% of twins and only 35 cases have ever been recorded. We are wishing this family all the best! They have named them Hope and Faith. Video Source 

You Won’t Believe What This Woman Looks Like After a Failed Abortion-VIDEO

Melissa is alive today because a nurse and medical support staff saw her inherent beauty and saved her life after a failed saline abortion. She was adopted into a loving family that fell in love with her the first time they laid eyes on her. ...

A Peek Into Life With a Down Syndrome Child: The Ups Outweigh The Downs

I just LOVE Tatum! I met her though this viral post. She is such an inspiration to me and everyone around her!  The following article that she wrote is such a great peek into life with a down syndrome child. Please SHARE to get the word out about ...